What worries you most about what’s happening to your aging family members?

There are so many things, right?

  • Dad seems to be confused and forgetful. Is he having memory problems?
  • Grandma is home bound. She’s not mobile and can’t get out.
  • You’re not sure Mom takes her medications correctly.
  • Uncle Sam seems lonely, is he getting out with others and doing things?
  • Grandpa is still driving. Is he safe behind the wheel?
  • Is Dad’s home safe from hazards?
  • Does Aunt Mary need help with the house or cooking?
  • Are con artists targeting Grandma and cheating her or stealing her personal information?
  • What happens when your loved one comes home from the hospital after a surgery or procedure?
  • After happy years on a farm out in the country, Mom is now alone, isolated and can’t keep up.

The list goes on and on. When you are caught between caring for your family, job and home and being caregiver for elderly family or friends, you can feel overwhelmed. And it doesn’t help if you live far away and all your siblings are scattered around the nation.

Keeping In Touch Solutions can help. We know what a challenge being a member of the “sandwich generation” can be, because many of us here have walked, or are walking, in the same shoes as you.

There are options for relief for you and your aging loved ones, too

Keeping In Touch Solutions provides several solutions that can help reduce or eliminate the worry and stress you feel.

Our Care Callers make a personal, not automated, call to your loved one every day to offer reminders to eat, exercise or take medications. A friendly voice and some cheerful conversation that can be counted on is a relief for you and provides a sense of security for your loved one. You can even get a daily email letting you know how your loved one is doing. Emergency protocols are in place, in case of an emergency the contacts you establish are notified right away.

On the other side of the coin, if you are an independent, active senior who worries that something could happen to you and no one would know, but you aren’t home all the time for a regularly scheduled call, register for I Love My New Freedom. You check in with Care Callers daily and we make sure we hear from you each day.

To prevent your aging loved one from being targeted by scammers and fraudsters, subscribe to Senior Fraud Alert for an easy, convenient and safe way to eliminate the potential of identity or financial theft.

We step in to fill the gaps when you can’t be everywhere for everyone at the same time. Every service you find here has one objective: to make your life easier and less stressful, and to help empower your aging loved ones live safely, healthy and happy in the place they call home.

Don’t let another day filled with worry and stress go by. Let Keeping In Touch Solutions help you find the solutions that give you peace of mind.
Find out more about how we can lighten your load.