Concerned About An Aging Loved One Living Miles Away?

A simple phone call a day keeps the worries away!

Are Mom and Dad Are Getting Older?

Here’s how you can have the relief and peace of mind you desire

Listen to why Diana Beam created Keeping In Touch Solutions and why she is sopassionate about helping the elderly live independently in the place they call home.

Daily Reassurance For Seniors

(and their loved ones)

We offer 3 different packages that provide the perfect solution for the senior who wants to continue living independently while balancing the peace of mind a loved one wants knowing they’re OK. With daily care calls, professional “care callers” check in daily to ensure everything is OK, medications are taken, routines are adhered to, etc. For many, it’s the ONLY communication they get so it is truly valued. For those who prefer more independence, Love My New Freedom is the perfect solution. Just check in based on an agreed upon schedule and everyone gets peace of mind. With Senior Fraud, we train and empower seniors how to not become a victim.

Daily Care Calls

A personal daily check-in call from our loving “Care Callers” is the connection your parents, grandparents, or even yourself may need when there isn’t anyone nearby. For many, it is the only daily call they get. Have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are getting daily connections to the outside world while also providing a friendly voice to share a little conversation.

Love My New Freedom

Prefer a bit more independence? With Love My New Freedom, you aren’t restricted, tied down or waiting by the phone. You are in charge. You choose when to call and along with our Elder Care Strategists create a plan in case of emergency. You make the call and go on with your life. There’s no simpler way to ensure peace of mind not just for yourself, but your family too.

Senior Fraud Alert

Financial and identity theft are real threats today, especially for seniors. Senior Fraud Alert empowers your loved ones to be in charge of their privacy by taking preventative steps to keep from becoming a victim.  The comprehensive resources and tools provided through Senior Fraud Alert helps older seniors understand their vulnerabilities while allowing them to maintain their independence.

Not Sure Which Option is Best?

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Here’s What People Are Saying

When I

Rose, Former Health Care Administrator September 18, 2017

With no family of my own left, your call helps me have contact with the outside world.

Robert, Retired Merchant September 19, 2017

Your calls make me feel safe and cared about.

Ralph, Retired Farmer September 19, 2017

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What Are Care Calls?

Daily check-in calls by a REAL PERSON, ?never automated!

Care Calls, by Keeping In Touch Solutions, are daily reassurance calls for those you love so much but just can’t reach out to every single day. Care Calls are perfect for: 

  • Medication reminders
  • Ensuring meals are healthy and being eaten regularly
  • Activity reminders
  • Just checking in and having friendly conversation (sometimes it’s the only conversation they get each day)
  • ?

    For family living out of town, or busy trying to keep up with demanding schedules, it