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I’m back at it… But which hat do I wear today?

“After a lengthy break I’m going to start posting again.”  Famous last words!  I think we all wear too many hats!

Personally, I can’t decide if I am an “Alpha” daughter, a “Prime Time” woman, or a “Sandwich Generation” daughter! Maybe I’m a ” Grisly Mom” — who will take on ANYONE who messes with my kids — or I might be a grand kidsor Grandma!   There are too manyWhich hat do I wear today options; too many roles.

Aging parents and distant care-giving increase the number of roles you must fill. The older you get, the more important each of these roles becomes and that can be a challenge.

On hot summer days, I’m battling with additional worries. For instance, I worry if my 60+ year-old friends and my aging parents are drinking enough water to keep them from getting dehydrated.

Are you sure your elderly loved one is drinking  plenty of water? Dehydration is serious problem at any age – but with the elderly, the results of dehydration can include: falls, blood pressure problems and memory lapses — all of which can be life-threatening.

Worry about utility cost can keep some older  folks from turning on the air conditioning or  a cooling fan. Have you talked to your loved ones about this? Uncle Charlie was that way and it wasn’t because of money… that’s just the way some 92-year-olds are programed. He does listen to reason, though. A talk with him about my concerns helped him take better care of himself.

The elderly are  more prone to falls and breaks during hot weather  than in colder weather and dehydration is a big factor. There are 60,000+ deaths per year related to falls!

Ever feel that maybe you could do more? Perhaps you could refer those folks to the local utility company or help organize a church group to lend them a helping hand. Distant care giving is tough, especially if you are a wearing all the same hats I do. I’m sure you understand!

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