Los, Age 69For 50 years, I was lucky enough to live next door to Mary, my very best friend in the world. As young mothers, we enjoyed chatting while our children played together in the backyard. We bowled on the same team. We discussed our smart aleck teenagers and cried together when our children suddenly grew up.

Fifteen years ago, I lost my husband in a tragic car accident. Five years later, Mary’s husband died on the golf course, the victim of a massive coronary.

Every afternoon for years, we watched our favorite soap operas together. When we feared taking a nasty fall in the snow, we talked on the phone during our TV time, discussing story lines, guessing who would marry who and why.

Through the years, we loved on each other’s grandchildren. We grieved the loss of our husbands.

One day, Mary and I suddenly realized that we didn’t know our neighbors anymore. Most of them were young, busy families. While life changed all around us, Mary and I celebrated our eightieth birthdays together. We were part of each other’s lives, like sisters.

And then, one rainy afternoon, Mary broke her hip when she stepped outside to get the mail. A few days after surgery, she developed pneumonia. A few days after that, Mary passed away.

To say I was lost without my best friend, well that is such an understatement. But then my son got me involved with Keeping In Touch Solutions. Every afternoon, at the same time that Mary and I always chatted on the phone, a woman my own age calls me. We often talk about Mary.

For such a long time, I thought it would be impossible to feel even slightly happy again. But my new friend and I actually laugh a lot during our conversations.

I have to tell you that Keeping In Touch Solutions gave me an amazing gift. My new friend helps keep my loneliness from smothering me to death.

~ Lois, Age 69