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Love My New Freedom

Because living on your own and on your own terms makes you happy.

You live alone. What if something happened and no one knew but your cat?

Does that keep you awake at night, worrying?

Then, on top of that and all the usual worries like health and finances, all of a sudden your family is right there telling you what they think you should do. 

Your energy levels and physical capabilities may have diminished some, but that doesn't mean that you can't take care of yourself and make your own decisions. You stay active and busy and want to remain independent. 

You don't want to give up your home, the friends in your area, and everything that makes your life familiar and comfortable. You also don't want them to worry your family when they can't immediately reach you.

You live with issues that you haven't had to think about before:

  1. It isn't easy living alone 24/7: It would be easy to just sit at home and do nothing now that you are on your own, but being active and involved in your community makes you happy. Getting up and out is how you make life enjoyable so it's worth the effort.
  2. You don't want to be responsible for making your children miserable: You know that they worry about your safety and security. But you also know that part of their worry is because they have responsibilities like jobs and families. You realize that the reason they pressure you for changes are to ease their concerns.
  3. You are aware of your changing limitations: You know that your physical capabilities are changing and living alone means you are responsible for taking care of everything. You are learning to ask for help - when you need it - but not before you need it.

And you want your family to support you and feel good about your independence.

Is that possible?

Yes! There is a simple answer for people who want to stay independent and Feel Confident and Secure

Love My New Freedom is the Perfect Solution

for those who want to stay active and live life to its fullest. 

The Love My New Freedom program is designed for busy, independent Boomers and beyond. It is so simple. You simply call in once each day. It's quick, easy, and give you that feeling of security you need. For pennies a day you can have the security of knowing Love My New Freedom is looking out for your well-being ...

You want to be independent and maintain CONTROL over your life.

You are active with friends and a calendar full of what you want to do. You understand that your family worries about you living alone, but you don't need them to make decisions about your life and what you do.

You want to be independent and  STAY IN YOUR HOME for as long as you can.

You know that as you get older, you might need some help. But you don't feel you need it right now and you want to stay right where you are for the time being. 

You want to be independent and still feel SECURE and CONFIDENT.

 You know that living alone means that no one knows when an emergency arises and that worries you. You want a solution that allows you to maintain your independence but also lets you go about your days feeling confident. 

You’ll say, “I love my NEW FREEDOM!”

With Love My New Freedom, no more restrictions,
or being tied down waiting by the phone.

You are in charge. You choose when to call and along with our Elder Care Strategists create a plan in case of emergencies. You make the decisions. You are free to call from home, on the road, from your mobile phone or from a friend's house. ​

You make the call and go on with your life. There is no simpler way to ensure peace of mind for not just yourself, but your family, too. Everyone is happy.

Here are some of the experiences our customers have had:

George stays in control of life and his budget

George felt like his family was breathing down his throat. They were worried about him living alone and were hinting that maybe he should consider some other arrangements. They were saying, "Perhaps it was time to think about moving into a retirement home where someone could take care of him."

I didn’t like the idea of others thinking he couldn’t take care of myself … but he liked the idea of checking in with someone every day.

So George started calling different friends and family members over the next month. He soon discovered that some days he had to call three or four people before he found someone at home. He also realized that because he was calling several different people and none on a regular schedule, no one really knew if he had talked with anyone or that he was okay.

This wasn't the solution that would satisfy his family.

At the end of the month, his family confronted him and told George they would pay the small monthly fee if that was the problem; they just wanted to know he was safe. They convinced George that using Love My New Freedom was worth far more than the cost giving them the peace of mind knowing they would be contacted if he didn’t make the daily call.

Like many others, George, feared that using a service like Love My New Freedom would make others think he couldn’t take care of himself, and that next his family might have him hooked up with one of those medical alert devices. But that didn't happen. He called in every day, and his family quit hounding him. Everyone was happy.

george, age 76 Living with New Freedom

The solution was all good news for George:

  • George maintains complete control.  George makes a call every day and knows that someone will check on him if he missed a call.
  • George maintains his independence. The confidence and peace of mind the check-in service gives his family means that they call him for less worrisome conversation and make him feel less threatened by their intervention in his daily life.
  • George maintains a handle on his budget. The low monthly cost is well within his fixed income budget and well worth the peace of mind to his family - and to George.

Not just for senior citizens, Love MyNew Freedom can be a benefit to people of all ages.

It's not only for seniors who are concerned. No, anyone who lives alone, or has a spouse that travels extensively, with no family or friends nearby could benefit from Love My New Freedom.

Elaine, 50, moved to a new state with her husband. They purchased an old farm house and some acreage 15 miles out of the nearest town. Elaine was thrilled because she loved to garden and she had plans. Shortly after the move she was diagnosed with some health problems and that's when she began to worry. She couldn't help but think that she could be out in the gardens and something could happen to her while her husband was out of town. With her son in another state and traveling, too, it could be days before anyone would worry if they couldn't reach her.

The entire time she lived in what should have been a perfect place for her, she worried. Eventually they moved out of the farmhouse and into town so she could stop worrying - and then she missed what she saw as her golden opportunity to live the life she wanted. Several years after the move, she heard about Love My New Freedom.

"That would have eliminated the worry and turned what became an awful experience and disappointment into one of the best times of my life. I wish I had known about Love My New Freedom then." - Elaine, now 62

How could Love My New Freedom make your life better? Here's another example:

Peace of mind about pet care for Judith and pet Charlie

Judith felt blessed to have a very caring family, but sad because they all lived out of state.

She couldn’t understand why they got so upset when they couldn’t reach her over several days. On several occasions they had even called her neighbors, and the apartment manager, much to Judith’s chagrin.

Judith was an active senior citizen and wanted to stay that way. She tried to work out daily, was active in church, clubs, volunteered; her life was packed full. Plus Charlie, her four-legged furry pet friend had been sick and going to the vet a lot.

Judith had concerns about Charlie. She worried about who would feed and take care of Charlie if something happened to her. That made her wonder who would let her family know if something happened.

After finding out about

Love My New Freedom
, Judith signed up and now she checks in with New Freedom every day at the time she selected. She goes about her busy day knowing that someone is watching out for her, and Charlie, and will contact her family in case she doesn’t check in.

When being in complete control of your busy days is important and yet you want to feel safe and secure knowing that someone will check on you if you don’t call in, subscribe to

Love My New Freedom

jUDITH, AGE 78 loving her New Freedom

For less than a single dollar each day, you can feel what it's like to be able to tell your children that you have it all under control. You will say, "I Love my New Freedom!" and really mean it!

Start Your No Risk, monthly subscription for just $39.97 per month!

Try it out and see how much better you - and your family - will sleep!

"Our phone calls are happier..."

Calling my mom was stressful because we always ended up arguing.

Mom is getting older and since Dad passed away, she's been on her own in the house they lived in together. I worry about her, but she always said she was doing okay. She stays busy with a lot of people and places to go, so I know she's not sitting at home by herself. I thought that maybe it was time she started thinking about living in a place where someone is around and would know if something happened. But boy, would she get mad when I mentioned it and then our conversation would just go downhill from there.

A friend of hers told her about

Love My New Freedom
and she signed up - before she even told me about it. It's been great for her - and me. I don't worry because I know if something happens, I'll know about it right away. And she's got what she calls "her freedom to come and go as she wants." Everyone's happy and our telephone conversations are happier, too. Thanks!

Theresa, age 51 Mom's happy so she's happy

A single phone call changed life for Phyllis

Phyllis lived alone. She was very comfortable in her own sneakers, she knew she could handle just about anything that came along, BUT she secretly worried about “WHAT IF” because she’d had some scary heart “spells.”

She wasn’t ready to give up her comfortable retirement home of many years, her church activities or any of the philanthropic activities she participated in regularly. She wasn’t ready to relinquish her independence because she was worried something would happen to her and no one would know.

Making just one simple “check in” phone call every day changed everything for Phyllis. Just knowing that someone would check on her if she failed to make her daily check-in call, gave her the confidence to take charge of her days – and life – again.

With Love My New Freedom, Phyllis had her own emergency plan of action in case there was a problem. She feels free to go about retirement while living in the comfort of her own home … ALL thanks to one daily check in call.

Now Judith tells all her friends that they can have the same sense of security. She says it is amazing that just one phone call can make a huge difference in your peace of mind.

phyllis, age 78 Sharing her New Freedom with friends

Why would you live under a cloud of worry, stressed over "who would know" if something happened to you?

A quick and easy call from wherever you are puts everyone's mind at ease. You know someone will be checking on you if you don't call and your family knows that someone will be notified if something happens. You can get on with life in your own home, on your own time table, and most importantly, with your independence intact.

Checking in with your family or friends doesn't give you the security you need, and those phone calls can take a lot of your time. Sometimes you have places to go and people to see and don't want to spend time in long-winded chats. Yes, you appreciate talking to friends and family, but you are busy, too. You're living life on your terms and time.

Not only are calls into Love My New Freedom quick and easy, but affordable, too, costing less than $1.250 per day! For less than the cost of a Starbucks cup of coffee every day, you can feel secure and confident ALL MONTH LONG.

Let's Get Started Right Now

Start Your No Risk, monthly subscription for just $39.97 per month!

Don't let another day filled with that worry in the pit of your stomach. Set yourself free!

"The greatest tragedy of old age is the tendency for the old to feel unneeded, unwanted, and of no use to anyone; the secret of happiness in the declining years is to remain interested in life, as active as possible, useful to others, busy and forward looking." -Eleanor Roosevelt, Book of Common Sense Etiquette

Love My New Freedom helps your maintain your independence and find that secret to happiness! I am committed to making life "GOLDEN" for every person looking for a way to feel confident and secure in their independence.

Diana Beam, Founder of Love My New Freedom

P.S. Don't miss out on a solution that will change the way you live - and how your family views your independence. 

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