Senior Fraud Alert Story Marjorie, Age 83Honest people of my generation, especially women like me, will tell you that we were definitely not raised to be assertive.

Whether we like to admit it or not, females in my generation tend to be rather passive, especially when interacting with authority figures. But also, I’ve never been good at using that two letter word, “no.”

We can define it as a personality defect or a cultural difference involving women in their eighties. However we explain it, I admit that all of those variables worked against me. And that is exactly how I got myself in trouble with telemarketers.

When I nicely refrained from ordering magazines or make-up samples or bulk orders of cleaning supplies, the person on the other end of the line grew more insistent. You might not understand this, but it made me nervous when the salesperson refused to accept no.

Nine times out of ten, I found myself agreeing to order products I didn’t even want!

A few months ago, when my daughter visited me from three states away, she wanted to know why I had so many stacks of magazines, especially publications for younger people.

When I told her about my problem, my daughter added caller ID to my telephone service. Then she suggested that I ignore any phone calls that did not show the caller’s phone number on that little screen.

Well that didn’t work very well. It made me nervous not to answer the phone. I was afraid I might be missing a family emergency.

Then my daughter signed me up for Senior Fraud Alert from Keeping In Touch Solutions.

Now when I receive telemarketing calls, I simply tell the caller that I no longer make those decisions, the caller must contact my advisor at a different number (that I got from Senior Fraud Alert).

Sometimes the telemarketer hangs up before I even finish reading my advisor’s telephone number. This has been a great way to fix this problem.

If more seniors like me got involved with this program from Keeping In Touch Solutions, senior fraud would be greatly reduced.

~ Marjorie, Age 83