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How to Make the Holidays Happy for Your Aging Mom

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Are you one of those people who love everything about the holidays? You know, all the shopping, the baking, the gatherings and the extra hustle bustle? Is that how Mom was when you were growing up? Did Dad love to prepare the fireplace and have garland around the front door? Just because they have gotten […]

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for a senior dad who is retired is even more of a challenge than when he was working. At least then you could add to the closet full of shirts and ties or give him a day-of-the-week set of commuter mugs. Many dads go into retirement with few, if any, hobbies so […]

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How is Your Favorite Senior Managing Their Medication?

We get lots of calls here at Keeping in Touch Solutions from adult children of aging parents or grandparents. They have lots of questions about caring for an elderly family member or friend. One caller, Cindy, was very concerned about her grandmother. Grandma lived alone since Grandpa died three years ago. The family called Grandma […]

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Taking Care of Mom This Mother's Day

I love my mom. She’s always been that person I turn to when I have a problem or something to celebrate. But lately I notice she’s really starting to age and I know I have to start paying closer attention to how she’s living day-to-day. If you are one of the sandwich generation like me, […]

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Independence Day: You Are Not Alone

Many working adults, especially the sandwiched and boomers generation feel stuck! In between raising children who are going to college, a career change or midlife crisis and at the same time having aging parents who are signaling for help.

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