Ageism: It’s Not Good For Anyone

ageism hurts everyone

This was a post I saw in Senior Planning Services, talking about ageism and how it’s bad for everyone in America. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Please share your comments after reading it.

Ageism is a prejudice against older people and, just as with any prejudice, it creates serious issues in society. According the World Health Organization, ageism is most rampant in high-income countries, like the United States. Americans, as a whole, place great value on youth, beauty, vitality and the ability to earn a large income. Aging is, sadly, often seen as a debilitating process that robs people of these high-prized attributes.

In one study, 70 percent of older Americans said they had been insulted or mistreated because of their age. This can take the form of a server asking a senior

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