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Parents Didn’t Plan – How Do YouDeal With It?

I found this question on Aging Care. You can Click Here to read the original article with the question plus all of the answers. I’m curious- how would you respond to this situation? Is this something

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How to Write a Eulogy

A eulogy is a speech or piece of writing that honors a person’s life and is usually delivered at their funeral or memorial service. Family caregivers who spent considerable time caring for aging and

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Will Your Heirs Get the Cash You Want Them to Have?

Blank or missing paperwork can send pension, IRA and 401(k) money astray You’re probably tired of my yammering about having the correct beneficiaries listed on your retirement plans. If you die suddenly,

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Why we need to take borderline diabetes seriously

This article was written by Dr Eno from Women Living With Diabetes. When it comes to awareness around type 2 diabetes, there is one fact that leaves me feeling somewhat discouraged. And that is the realization

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Tips for Managing Medications at Home

This article was originally shared on Aging Care. When patients, caregivers, doctors and pharmacists work as a cohesive care team, medication-related problems can be avoided, resulting in better health

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Gut feelings: How food affects your mood

This article was originally posted by Harvard Health Publishing   The human microbiome, or gut environment, is a community of different bacteria that has co-evolved with humans to be beneficial to

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Good oral health may help protect against Alzheimer’s

Gingivitis (gum disease) has been linked to a higher risk of heart disease, but a recent study says that the bacteria that cause gingivitis also may be connected to Alzheimer’s disease. The study

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Five Budgeting Strategies for Those Who Want to Age at Home

This article was originally shared on Easy Living  Frugal Living Tips for Seniors: Budgeting Strategies for Aging Wisely at Home 1. Get organized and simplify your financial life. How much time are you

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Older Than Dirt Quiz

Count all the ones that you remember, not the ones you were told about. Ratings at the bottom.. 1. Sweet cigarettes 2…Coffee shops with juke  boxes 3…Home milk delivery in glass bottles 4…Party

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Protecting against cognitive decline

This article was posted on Harvard Health Publishing While there’s currently no treatment that can prevent or cure dementia, researchers have identified some factors that may help protect you from

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