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Caregivers, Aging Parents, Grandparents: Are You Ready For Some Football in Indianapolis?


Caregivers, Aging Parents, Grandparents: Are You Ready For Some Football in Indianapolis?

Imagine your elderly ma and grandma going on a zipline in the Super Bowl Village this weekend…along with fun, food and music. This year, Indianapolis is hosting Super Bowl XLVI and we are celebrating this event with a Big Bang for the young and the ‘elderly’.

Are you ready for some football? This grandma will not be doing zipline but she sure will go down to the village to cheer the volunteers. There are 8,000 volunteers with the ‘super scarves’. The blue and white hand crocheted scarves are the Super Bowl Host Committee’s way of showing their gratitude to volunteers and to keep them warm. The scarves will help you identify volunteers if you need help.

Indianapolis is a city filled with culture and top attractions. About 200 restaurants and 50 attractions are located within walking distance from the Lucas Oil Stadium and surrounding hotels.

If you are here for the first time among the 200,000 visitors, remember, the people who live here are called Hoosiers…”who is here?”

There are ten things you must do as a visitor (according to the Super Bowl Official Visitor Guide):

10. “Know before you go” Check out the parking plans and transportation at
9. Say hello and thank all the Hoosiers that have worked hard to make this event possible.
8. Try the Super46Sandwich.
7. Visit super celebration sites around the state.
6. Help fight breast cancer by texting CURE to 27722 and donate $10 to support Indy’s Super Cure.
5. Discover the 46 for XLVI Murals.
4. Take a picture with one-of-a-kind Super Cars Mix Indy Racing.
3. Explore the city and Lucas Oil Stadium.
2. Don’t miss the zipline ride.
1. Try the GMC NFL Experience.

If you are a fan of Peyton Manning, don’t lose heart even if he is not playing at the Super Bowl this year, you may want to try to eat at Harry and Izzy’s Restaurant. Peyton Manning co-owns this restaurant located at 153 S. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN46225.

Caregivers, you deserve a visit to the Monument Circle’s Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the center of town and have a breathtaking view of the city and the $720 million stadium. The view is sure to impress you and your aging parents if you are bringing them with you.

The Lucas Oil Museum has the largest NFL retractable roof in the world and it only takes 11 minutes to open. You probably could see it in action at the Monument.

Maybe take your elderly grandparents for a ride north from Downtown to Zionsville to visit a family-owned organic dairy farm called Traders Point Creamery. They are the supplier for Whole Foods Stores nationwide.

Visit the milking parlor and end the visit with the best hot chocolate in town. This will sure be a delight for the elderly, the caregiver and the children.

Keeping in Touch Solutions is located in Indiana. We are only minutes away from downtown where all the actions are taking place this weekend.

Super Bowl is an American sport event and tradition. It is a time for family and friends to gather for football and food. “Indianapolis is a great city for families to visit. There are many activities to suit your aging parents, you the caregiver and your children of any age. Come visit our great city,” says Founder Diana Beam at “Keeping in Touch

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P.S. Thank you to all the volunteers at the Super Bowl Village for making this huge event possible for the city of Indianapolis.

(Zipline Photo Credit: Jess Baker,

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