Aging Parent Issues

How to Deal with the Emotional Trauma of a Declining Parent

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It might hit you slowly. Maybe the family is gathering for the holidays and you notice that your mom can

Aging Parent Issues

Now Is the Right Time to Start Downsizing and De-Cluttering

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Ah! The transition from Daylight Saving to Standard Time, when we turn back the clocks and gain another hour in the morning. Whether you

Aging Parent Issues

How to Write a Eulogy

A eulogy is a speech or piece of writing that honors a person

Aging Parent Issues

Helping Dementia Patients

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A while ago, I wrote about some fascinating research in The Teplitz Report that was conducted by the Langer Mindfulness Institute where they took a group of 80-year-olds and tested them for vision and hearing, grip strength, memory and dexterity before being taken to a monastery that was decorated to replicate life in 1959. The decor also included photos of the participants when they were that age.

Everyone wore 1950s fashions and entertainment was all 1950s – TV shows, movies, books and music. They were also instructed to discuss sports and events that did happen during that era, but to talk about them in the present tense. They were told to think of themselves as actually being younger.

After five days, the participants did look younger and their scores on everything, including eyesight had improved. To me, the eyesight improvement in five days was a powerful outcome.

Well, there

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Indiana Originals Interviews Diana Beam

On Sunday, December 2, 2018, Mel McMahon and Terri Stacy spoke with Diana Beam of Keeping In Touch Solutions about how they can help you stay in touch with your elderly loved ones, the fight against loneliness, and some gift ideas for your loved ones!

Recorded with Terri Stacy, First Day | Broadcasted by 93.1 WIBC | Imaging by Steve O

Aging Parent Issues Well-being for Aging Seniors

Ageism: It’s Not Good For Anyone

This was a post I saw in Senior Planning Services, talking about ageism and how it’s bad for everyone in America. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Please share your comments after reading it.

Ageism is a prejudice against older people and, just as with any prejudice, it creates serious issues in society. According the World Health Organization, ageism is most rampant in high-income countries, like the United States. Americans, as a whole, place great value on youth, beauty, vitality and the ability to earn a large income. Aging is, sadly, often seen as a debilitating process that robs people of these high-prized attributes.

In one study, 70 percent of older Americans said they had been insulted or mistreated because of their age. This can take the form of a server asking a senior