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The Power of Music to Heal

This article was posted on “Alternatives for Natural Health with Dr. Jerry Teplitz” Music is very powerful. It gets you moving, it increases the effectiveness of your exercise and it can get you into

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Sweaty Face Mask? 5 Tips to Keep Cool While Covered Up

This article was originally posted on AARP With health authorities continuing to urge face-covering in public to curb the spread of COVID-19, we’ve become familiar with the minor irritants of wearing

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Telehealth: How It Works and Why It’s So Beneficial

This article was originally posted on Seniors Guide For patients who are homebound, telehealth may be the next best thing to an in-person doctor visit. Telehealth is a broad term defined as any part of

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How to Help a Senior Safely Manage Allergy Season

This article was shared on Unfortunately, some of the nicest weather and foliage during the year are accompanied by an onslaught of allergens. As pollen fills the air, people afflicted by

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These Mental Habits Help Resilient People Thrive During a Crisis

This article was shared on The current pandemic is taking an emotional toll on just about everyone. Most of us have been cut off from our workplaces and friends, and in some cases our families

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Best Dog Breeds for Assisted Living

This article was originally posted on Big or small, noisy or quiet, active or calm — choosing the right dog breed is important when you plan to be a pet owner in an assisted living community. Moving

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‘It never occurred to me I was having a heart attack.’ Women often overlook key symptoms

This article was originally posted on Yahoo News. Beatriz Martinez didn’t pay much attention to that first chest pang. After all, she worked out regularly, kept her weight in check and tried

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Journaling

This article was posted on Seniors Guide Online. Journaling means keeping a record of your thoughts and activities. However, while journal keepers may focus on the present and record daily events, journaling

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Using Electricity To Stop Pain

This article was Posted by Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz With the opioid epidemic killing hundreds of thousands of people, we need some alternative options for pain management. I want to talk about 3 that I’ve

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Tips for Managing Medications at Home

This article was originally shared on Aging Care. When patients, caregivers, doctors and pharmacists work as a cohesive care team, medication-related problems can be avoided, resulting in better health

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