Disaster Planning 101

caregiver support for aging parents

Are you one of the 1 in 8 Americans between ages 40 and 60 who is both raising children and caring for aging parents?

Helping aging parents prepare for emergencies and disaster is probably just as difficult as helping your teen learn to drive. Neither is easy- both are over-confident and want to take short cuts.

Just as you have to learn about how to handle different road conditions, different driving situations – so we must help Grandma prepare for different types of emergencies and disaster. This is a monumental task if Grandma lives many miles away.


It is difficult to get excited about disaster and emergency planning…especially when there are so many different kinds of unpredictable situations. Last week, we talked about what you would do if you heard there was a raging wildfire headed your way and you had to leave your home in 4 hours.


What do you take with you in case of emergency? Is there a game plan in place for your family home and what about your aging loved one’s home?

What kind of

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