Do You Love Your Heart? Ways to Turn Stress into Calm

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Do You Love Your Heart?
Ways to Turn Stress into Calm

February is associated with the color red, love, Special Valentines, chocolates and the American Heart Month. Women of any age, caregivers, and our elderly mom and grandma would all appreciate a box of chocolate this time of the year (dark chocolate is good for your health).

It is also a month for Heart Health Awareness. Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Typically, it comes unexpectedly and can happen to women of any age. One example is a 50 year old woman who felt a little more tired than usual while doing her daily chores of taking care of her aging parents and three children ages 10 to 17.

She was driving around town taking care of errands when she felt weak on her ankles and noticed they were a little swollen. Plus, there was shortness of breath that had become normal. She was feeling stressed out rushing around taking care of her aging mom and running her athletic children to soccer and football practice. She thought it was just another stressful day.

Then one day, she felt the usual flu and fever and finally went to the doctor

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