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Create Happy Holiday Memories Using My Home for the Holidays E-book as Your Guide!


Make this holiday season one that every generation in your family will remember forever.

Are you wondering how you will host a holiday party

everyone in your family can enjoy?

(from great grandma all the way to her youngest grandchild)

This year CAN be DIFFERENT!

Hi, I’m Diana Beam, founder of Keeping in Touch Solutions.  For thousands of Americans, this holiday season will be the first holiday they’ve spent without the spouse they have been with for the last 50 years. For others, it will be the first Christmas for their first child.  Is it impossible to please everyone and make them all feel special?

I say, of course it’s not impossible!

I’m going to GIVE you something that will drastically change the way you plan and implement this year’s holiday events! 

My Creating Happy Holidays E-book!

A Guide to Making Holiday Get-Togethers Memorable and Enjoyable for Every Generation

In my e-book you will discover the secrets to planning the PERFECT holiday
event because you will read about the holidays from the perspective of 3 generations and get tips on how each generation can be a part of the holiday planning together!
  • Get senior gift ideas that are full of meaning
  • A planning checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing while
    planning your holiday get together
  • Tips for Reducing Stress
  • Healthy eating tips

There is no reason to leave anyone out

Plan a get-together with this goal in mind:  To give everyone a holiday experience that will be appealing enough to entice them to get together again and again.

Consider these questions you should ask to help everything go smoothly:

  • Do any family members have special needs?
  • How can those preparing the meal still be involved in the
  • How can we make the holiday less stressful for older family
    members who get confused or overly tired during large gatherings?
  • Where are we going to put all these people?
  • How to reduce gift giving stress?


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Diana Beam, Author

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