Here are a few questions we are asked about
senior fraud and Senior Fraud Alert

How do I know if my loved one is a target for fraud?

You won’t, until it’s too late. Senior Fraud is rampant and gender, age, race or economic status doesn’t matter. The Senior Fraud Alert program removes the worry and we keep you informed of the latest and most up-to-date information in our newsletter. Better to be proactive and safe, than sorry.

My number is on the no-call list. Am I safe?

The short answer is no. Those who are perpetrating fraud don’t follow the rules and the no-call list doesn’t keep people off the doorstep, either. Having a plan to prevent yourself from being duped is the best protection.

How can I be sure Mom is following the program?

We will know if calls are being referred because we will be getting the calls. We also make it a practice to touch base with every client during the first month to be sure they understand the program, how it works and how to use it.

This is a short list of some of the most common questions about Keeping In Touch Solutions Call Programs:

 I feel badly because I don’t call as often as I should. Will this take the place of me calling?

No need to feel bad. Everyone does the best they can at the time, but there are certainly times when we don’t feel that is enough. Our service does not replace your family calls. We supplement your calls to be sure your loved one gets the attention you wish you could deliver on a daily basis. It is a win-win for everyone.

Where do you call? I live four states away from my loved one.

Our Care Callers can call anywhere in the United States as long as there is telephone service. On the enrollment form we ask for the time zone to be sure we aren’t calling in the middle of the night. We also accommodate other schedules so calls are timed just right for your loved one.

How will I know you have called?

Your loved one will probably share the conversations with you. Most are happy to have our cheerful Care Callers check in with them daily. On the KITS Platinum program you receive daily email notes and we keep a record of our calls in case you have concerns.

How long are the calls?

That depends on the nature of the call or if there are complicated medication reminder scripts.

You write the medication script for us to deliver. We read the script – although we can’t guarantee your loved one has actually taken the mediation. Most of our calls are 5-8 minutes long, depending on the situation—we keep the calls positive and focused forward so most of our clients look forward to our daily call.

How will I know if there is a problem?

Our Care Callers are trained to be sensitive to what your loved one is experiencing on a daily basis. We do not give medical advice or “venture a guess” and definitely urge your loved one to call their physician if they experiencing difficulties.

What happens if my loved one does not answer the phone?

Our seasoned Care Caller lets the phone ring 7-10 times to give your loved one ample time to answer. If there is no answer, we will repeat the call in 8-10 minutes. If they don’t answer after 2 tries, we call the emergency contact number you have provided and ask them to go check on your loved one.

We give them a call-back number to call us and give us a status report after they check on your loved one or we call their home again for an update and status report.

What happens if my loved one goes out of town on a trip?

Let us know the temporary telephone number one week in advance of their trip and we’ll continue to call your loved one during their trip to provide continuity for your loved one.

Please Note: We can provide this same continuity for short term medical stays.

You mentioned giving daily words or encouragement, support and faith. What is involved?

Our organization, our Care Callers and administrative staff are strong in their faith and core values. Our mission is to give kind, positive words of encouragement and support to your loved ones. To offer hope and faith as a pathway for looking forward to a positive day filled with gratitude. (As opposed to negativity and looking to the past).

We do not preach, lecture or judge. We offer a thought for the week to inspire and comfort. If you are interested in sharing, we welcome your comments via email.

Will additional services be available soon?

New services are on the drawing board all of the time as we see a need or as our families request additional services. Our goal at Keeping In Touch Solutions is to provide services that keep our loved ones connected and help to lighten the load for busy families.

If you have specific services you would find helpful, please email us your thoughts or suggestions or call 317.480.1038.