Heart Disease is Still the Number 1 Killer of Women!

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Sisters, girlfriends, and colleagues, on average nearly 24 women die from heart disease and stroke in Indiana each day. Thanks to the participation of millions across the region and the country. The color red and the red dress has become linked to the ability all women have to improve their heart health and live stronger, longer lives. In Indianapolis, the Go Red Luncheon is on February 17 at the JW Marriott.
Whether you can attend the luncheon or not, please put on your red scarf and read my friend, Dr. Eno’s Wear Red Day newsletter below. You’ll be glad you did!
Good morning Diana,
This past Friday was ‘wear red day’ to highlight awareness of the impact heart
disease has on women. It occurred to me that it’s fair and fine to wear red for just
one day, but that it takes an ongoing dialogue to really heighten our awareness as
women. Why? Because typically we tend to place ourselves last on our list of
priorities. Also we tend to walk around thinking this could not happen to us. It
happens to other people.
This article highlights some important facts everyone needs to know about heart

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