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Heart Disease is Still the Number 1 Killer of Women!

Sisters, girlfriends, and colleagues, on average nearly 24 women die from heart disease and stroke in Indiana each day. Thanks to the participation of millions across the region and the country. The color red and the red dress has become linked to the ability all women have to improve their heart health and live stronger, longer lives. In Indianapolis, the Go Red Luncheon is on February 17 at the JW Marriott.
Whether you can attend the luncheon or not, please put on your red scarf and read my friend, Dr. Eno’s Wear Red Day newsletter below. You’ll be glad you did!
Good morning Diana,
This past Friday was ‘wear red day’ to highlight awareness of the impact heart
disease has on women. It occurred to me that it’s fair and fine to wear red for just
one day, but that it takes an ongoing dialogue to really heighten our awareness as
women. Why? Because typically we tend to place ourselves last on our list of
priorities. Also we tend to walk around thinking this could not happen to us. It
happens to other people.
This article highlights some important facts everyone needs to know about heart
disease.  So even if you happen to be a male subscriber reading this newsletter this
morning, I know that just by virtue of your existence you have to have at least one
female in your life-your mother, perhaps a wife, significant other, co-worker. I’m
requesting that we all take a few moments to arm ourselves with some new
knowledge, because perhaps sometime in the future you will be able to save a
woman’s life who just wants to brush aside those symptoms that she has been having.
As always I would love to read your comments and feedback.
Have a great day!!
February is heart disease awareness month for women. As a physician with over 20
years of experience, it is my passion to help women learn all that they can to
enhance their health and wellbeing.And yet I find that even today that a lot of women do not know the facts when it comes to heart disease.Case in point, there used to be a time when it was thought that women under the
age of 50 could not suffer a heart attack. So you can imagine what happened if you
were a woman and you went to see your doctor with a complaint of chest pain. Your
doctor would usually reassure you that it was not your heart and perhaps you had
indigestion or were under a lot of stress and prescribe something for that.The truth is that there are still some doctors out there that treat their female patients
that way.
And so, it is extremely important if you are a woman that you arm yourself with
the facts.I have highlighted some important facts in today’s video:Here are some other facts that you need to be aware of-

71% of women experience the early signs of a heart attack as a sudden onset of
, and not chest pain as our male counterparts do. Now let’s face it, if you
were to go to an emergency department complaining that you are feeling weak,
more than likely you’ll be sent home with an ‘off work slip’ and admonished to get
some rest!! At the same time, not all complaints of weakness indicate a heart attack!!

Women who smoke risk having a heart attack 19 years earlier than women who
do not smoke. So think about it, if you are a woman and you have been smoking since
you were in your teens (which by my experience is the time that most people start
a bad habit like smoking ), then your risk of having a heart attack begins to rise
toward your forties.

Under the age of 50 women’s heart attacks are twice as fatal as men. This is all
the more reason to be persistent when something does not seem right.

Heart disease will kill six times more women this year than breast cancer.

Marital stress worsens the outcome of a heart attack. I have written an article
about broken heart syndrome. To read about that click here.


When you suffer a heart attack, the blood supply to an area of the heart muscle gets
blocked off. Sometimes the blockage may not be a complete blockage and blood can
still get by to the heart muscle. This is called ischemia or angina. The classic
symptoms are chest pains, chest discomfort, and chest heaviness. Sometimes the
pain may go down the left arm.

Or as women we may have what is called ‘atypical symptoms’ like unusual
weakness, heartburn, dizziness, etc.

But remember just as I pointed out, some women may not have the classic
presentation of ischemia. The good news is that if the blood supply is restored at
this point, then no permanent damage occurs to the heart muscle.

When the blood vessel to a particular are of the heart remains blocked for a period
of time, eventually the heart muscle begins to die off. This is when a heart attack
happens; the damage cannot be reversed and the heart muscle dies and it is replaced
by scar tissue. Scar tissue reduces the functioning of the heart and eventually
causes heart failure and death.


This is exactly what I will be speaking more about in this week’s
wellbeing moment. The wellbeing moment is a video blog that I post on weekdays.
If you have not subscribed I encourage you to sign up for your free subscription
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Now more than ever we as women need to become more pro-active in our overall
health and wellbeing. We need to stop making excuses for poor lifestyle choices.
More importantly we need to accept that these lifestyle choices not only shorten
our lives, but also the quality of the life that we have left. I’m not sure about you
but I want to be health and vibrant into my 90s and beyond!

The question is- are you willing to invest the time and effort in enhancing your
health and wellbeing?

Let’s face it, your relationship with your doctor can sometimes be very ‘
paternalistic’ if I may use those words. There’s also the time restriction.

With the constant change in demands made by insurance companies the amount of
time that you are likely to be able to spend with your physician is going to
continue to be cut down. Simply due to the burden of paperwork and also rising
overhead costs.

If you would like to have a different experience and work with someone who
had the combination of over 20 years as a physician getting people the results
that they desire and backed by training as a professional life coach then, I
would invite you to consider working with me as your life coach.

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You have nothing to lose but you will gain tools to enhance your health and overall

For more information about women and heart disease facts, please click here to
download the fact sheet.

Born in London and raised in Nigeria, Dr. Eno Nsima-Obot is a board certified
Internal Medicine Physician, with over 20 years of experience in the health &
wellness industry.

She graduated from medical school in 1987 with awards in Obstetrics & Gynecology,
Clinical Pharmacology and General Surgery. She was also the recipient for the
quarterly award for compassion when she worked as a primary care physician
with a large multi-specialty medical group in Chicago.

She is trained as an ontological life coach and is committed to helping professional
women achieve a higher level of wellbeing as the roadmap to experiencing a more
wholesome life.

To download a free copy of her e-book ‘Dr. Eno’s Secret Strategies to Aging
Gracefully’ click here

Wellbeing Tip of the week
Learn as much as you can about your family history. A lot of times we tend to keep
ailments a secret because we  may think that we are bothering family members.
But knowing your genetic heritage can save your life. Only by becoming aware of
your family history can you make important changes in your lifestyle. Become
pro-active and start a dialogue today.

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