Home for Thanksgiving: Aging Parents and Traditions

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Home for Thanksgiving: Aging Parents and Traditions

What are your favorite Thanksgiving Traditions? For many who live far from their aging parents or grandparents, it is time to pack their suitcase and take the trip home either by air or on a road trip.

This is also a time when families bring out their best kept secret recipes, serving sets and setting up the dining room table with beautiful tableware. For some, it is a time of gathering around the kitchen catching up with all the latest news and photos with family members from near and far. And for others, it is cooking together and having a cup of tea or it is watching or playing football.

Here at Keeping In Touch Solutions, it is time for us to unveil our bestselling eBook sold once a year called Home for the Holidays: Creating Happy Holiday Memories for every generation of your family.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a month long preparation and celebration of holidays for Americans.

New York City starts the celebration with their tradition, The Macy

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