Home for the Holidays with Aging Loved Ones

aging parents for holidays

The holidays are stressful on everyone – young and old. It’s just that the stresses are different. If we recognize what will make everyone most comfortable, we have a chance at making all the family gatherings a little less chaotic and a lot less stressful.

Take a moment to watch the video below from Keeping In Touch Solutions for some tips for the coming holiday season.

The little ones need some downtime, and so do our aging loved ones. Including them in the preparations allows Mom and Grandma the opportunity to contribute what they can. And, as always, if Grandma wants to do the dishes – let her. She will be the judge of what is too much.

And all the festivities can become too much, so don’t be offended or annoyed if she wants to go home early or doesn’t want to come at all. However, by all means take her a goody bag and a couple of meals afterward.

When you worry about her, a daily call from a Keeping In Touch Solutions Care Caller will alleviate the pressure. It’s not easy to always be available to call at a certain hour of the day, and Mom might get upset if you miss a call. We aren’t here to replace your calls, but just to ensure consistency and that daily touch.

What a gift that would be for mom this year – a subscription for a daily call – it just keeps on giving all year long. Now that will make a real difference in her life – and yours!

Contact us today to find out more about the gift really does keep on giving!

Have blessed holidays with everyone you love!

A daily check-in call could be the lifeline, the joy you give someone that makes the biggest difference in their perception of what old age is like.

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