How do Aging Seniors Eat? Often it

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Many aging seniors pick at the food on their plates and eat like birds. Many elderly people who live on their own enjoy a bowl of cereal or a few cookies and completely bypass a well-balanced meal. Here are some reasons why your loved one might have such unhealthy eating:

  • Medications can affect taste buds.
  • Dentures can become ill-fitting and painful so seniors may avoid foods that require a lot of chewing, such as raw vegetables and meats.
  • If your elderly loved one still has his or her teeth, there may be pain in the gums or some teeth may be extra sensitive or decayed.
  • Difficulties with swallowing and digesting food may lead aging adults to reduce their food intake.
  • Older seniors, men especially, have very limited cooking skills, cereal and sandwiches are easy to fix.
  • Seniors who live alone may find it difficult to prepare food for only one person.
  • Seniors on a fixed income who worry about stretching their limited budget to buy medication or food usually purchase the medication instead of healthy foods.

Encouraging our aging loved ones to enjoy and eat a nutritious meal is one of our most important goals. If you suspect that Uncle Jim is eating only junk food, find a way to peek inside your favorite uncle

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