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Ideas for Grandparents Traveling with Grandchildren

Ideas for Grandparents Traveling with Grandchildren

Most grandparents today are living farther away from their grandchildren. Years ago, almost all family members lived in the same town or same state where grandparents got to see grandchildren at least weekly and had plenty of time to spoil them.

Diana Beam, Founder of Keeping in Touch Solutions shared about a friend who takes her grandchildren for a weeklong trip to “someplace special” for their 10th birthdays. This year they are taking two active 10-year-old boys to Williamsburg, Virginia to teach them part of American history and at the same time, enjoy rides at the theme park near by.

Diana took her grandson Jacob for a week vacation in San Francisco when he was 10. It was fun to watch him play at FAO Schwartz and at the ocean at Seal Island. That was an experience no amount of toys bought, sent and played with will create.

Grandparents usually feel it is their birthright and duty to share and expose their grandchildren to a wider world. Most want to build relationships with their grandchildren and spend more time with them to pass on family cultures and values and to build lasting memories with them.

Here are 5 ideas for traveling with your grandchildren:

One: Road trip in an RV or camping

Children like to try new things. Taking a road trip on an RV and parking the RV in a campground could be a great way to spend a week or a weekend with your grandchildren. Imagine the cookout, teaching them how to build a fire for a campfire and looking for sticks for marshmallows for the campfire at night. Take time to teach them old folk songs and telling old tale from your own grandparents.

These activities excite children of any temperament including those who are quiet.

Two: Fishing and exploring!

Most kids who live in the city or suburb are hardly ever exposed to wildlife, the woods or rivers. Bringing them to experience a day exploring in the woods could be a wild and unforgettable experience. During these trips kids can be taught survival skills and have an appreciation for modern conveniences.

Three: Beach or mountain resorts

Enjoying the great outdoors is a great way to spend time together with grandkids. Spending a weekend at a beach condo or mountain resort is a fun way to get to know them better. While you are at the resort, you could take them hiking, boating, swimming or biking.

Four: Museums

The United States is blessed with beautiful museums in every state. But none can compare with the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC. There are 19 museums and galleries with over 137 million items displayed from space, land and the ocean. You could take a whole week to show your grandkids the spectacular country that they live in and to learn more about what makes America a great nation. And while you are there, get acquainted with the capital city and remember your admission is totally free to all Smithsonian museums.

Five: Your Heritage

If you have Irish heritage, imagine taking your grandchildren to Ireland to visit your ancestors’ hometown? A weeklong trip overseas on an airplane with your grandchildren is priceless. You are not only building relationships with them, you are building a legacy…you are leaving a blueprint in their minds of their heritage and are making them proud of who they are.

If you are planning a trip overseas, it is important to have a letter of permission from your grandchild’s parents stating they have given you permission to bring them on a vacation. This letter may be needed at the US Immigration and Custom’s office or in the country you are visiting.

Are you a grandparent wanting to spend more time with your grandchildren? Take steps to build a lasting relationship by taking them for that special trip you have planned for years.  Have you thought about Family camp for the entire family….lots of fun!

Last year my sister, Elaine, had all nine of her grandchildren over for a stay over and summer camp. The two younger ones (under 4 went home to sleep) while the older ones bunked out on the family room floor or back yard tent….talk about building memories!

Great time was had by all and my sister spent a full week in recovery….so much energy and love.

Hope your summer is filled with love, happiness and good cheer!

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