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Just Can’t Wait To Be On The Road Again: Seniors Will Travel

Despite news of a gloomy economy, you can still find deals and steals for a summer vacation with your spouse, family or Fido. With a little bit of research and flexibility, you will stumble on reasonable restaurants for dining, affordable accommodation and plenty of free fun.

We live in a vast and beautiful country with intensive road systems and highways. As days get longer, warmer weather is in the air… it’s time to put on Willie Nelson’s song and hit the road again. Most of us grew up humming along with this tune:

“On The Road Again”

Summer means travel for seniors…

It is time to power up the motorhome, automobile and hit the road again. Here are some tips and tricks to make your road trip enjoyable and fun this summer:

Five: Best places for sunrise and sunset for free

Drive and enjoy the sunset and sunrise. If you live in the city, nature’s gift may not come by easily. What fun it could be to catch the best sunrise and sunset!

If you are in the Northeast, head over to Maine and watch the first sunrise in the United States before anyone else in Continental USA.  Go to Cadillac Mountain, Maine. If you want to see the last sunset, you will have to head over to Hawaii.

Sunset is the best time to be at the beach. The beaches of Florida give you the opportunity to view the sunset while you sip a margarita or your favorite ice tea. You get the best view for free whether you prefer to relax at an exclusive resort or just lay your beach towel at a public beach for free.

Four: Travel light

Some of us are over-packers and some are under-packers. The best is to have a balance. Ask these questions as you pack:

  1. 1. What are my main activities while traveling?
  2. 2. What types of clothing and shoes make me comfortable?
  3. 3. How many days am I traveling and how many sets of clothing I need each day?
  4. 4. Do I need to take prescribed medication, first aid kits?
  5. 5. Where am I going and where will I stop for refueling and resting (for vehicle, stomach, Fido] – this will help you in packing your snacks, drinks and/or meals.
  6. 6. What can’t I live without and always ask “Why do I need this?” as you pack.

These are just six basic questions to set you thinking and planning for your road trip including your pet’s needs. The key is to travel light, enjoy and feel free with no heavy bags.

Three: Be flexible, read and subscribe to websites that offer weekly deals and steals

Most seniors have time in their hands. The best way to travel is to be flexible with your time and expectations. Read, research and subscribe to websites that offer last minute and weekly deals and steals.

One of our favorites is Every week they send out to subscribers a list of deals for shows, dining, hotels, travel experience, airfare, car rental and much more.

Two: Switching gears and travel with a purpose

Some seniors are widowed, divorced or handicap. How do you travel if you are in one of these situations? Road trips can be taken with a group of friends, siblings or with your pet.

Road trips are not about visiting places and staying in hotels alone. There are ways to volunteer your time while you travel to different cities in the United States.  This could be a way to switch gears from your normal routine and get involved with projects that could give you a sense of achievement and travel with purpose.

One: Kick back and relax

To do justice to ourselves, sometimes we need to drop everything, kick back and relax with loved ones. Get out of daily routine and just live for the moment. Take a road trip and just go where your heart desires and where you are able to go.

Travel is a simple way to boost your mood, appreciate little things around us and get recharged. Life is a cycle and our energy level drops sometimes because of the routine of life.

Just like the song by Willie Nelson…just can’t wait to get on the road again…going places that I’ve never been…seeing things I may never see again…let’s take time to go on the road again this summer. You deserve the break!

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