How To Keep Mom or Dad at Home

so you can have peace of mind

and your loved ones can remain independent

If you know a senior who’s currently living independently, you know she’s doing everything she can to stay in her home.

caregiver support for aging parents

Carol is a 72-year-old widow who lives alone. She is living with diabetes, heart failure, and COPD. You live 300 miles away and can't check in on them every day. You want to call daily but your busy balancing your own life - between working and the kids. And because that is such a challenge, the worry, guilt, and stress probably feel like a thousand-pound boulder on your shoulders.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We work with overwhelmed daughters, sons, and caregivers just like you, to make the situation better. Our mission has always been to help loved ones stay independent, safe, secure and living in the place they call home - and to give caregivers some peace of mind.

Keeping In Touch Solutions was developed because founder, Diana Beam, found herself in the same position so many of us are in today.

We hear it all the time. Aging parents want to stay independent and in their own home. Would you  feel better if you KNEW they were okay at home every day? You worry about

  • Their safety – What if they fall? What are there dangers lurking in their home?
  • Their security – Are they sitting ducks for con men and scammers?
  • Their well-being – Are they lonely or battling depression?
  • Their health – Are they taking their medications and staying active?
  • Their happiness – Are they connecting with people?

Your schedule is so full with your spouse, children, activities, work, home responsibilities, deadlines, bills, etc., etc., etc. Adding a trip across town or even a seemingly small thing like a phone call makes sense. But squeezing that call into your busy schedule may be the straw that will break YOUR back ….

Let Keeping In Touch Solutions make that personal call every day. With emergency protocols in place, not only does a daily call give YOU peace of mind, it gives the person receiving the call peace of mind, too.

It’s the difference between Carol feeling alone on an island and feeling secure in her home. It’s the difference between Carol feeling anxious in her ability to care for herself and feeling supported by a care team that can check in on her daily and ensure everything is OK.

Keeping In Touch Solutions is here to help so Carol and others are able to stay where they want to be — at home.

If worry is the first thing you feel when you think of your parents, or if you're a senior who wants to ensure your family knows you're OK while you continue to live independently, let's talk. Schedule a no-obligation 15-minute complimentary consultation. Don't wait until the situation escalates into an emergency.