Are you feeling overwhelmed? Looking for some peace of mind?

Keeping In Touch Solutions is here for You AND Your aging loved ones.

Aging, and being a caregiver for someone who is aging, is not a piece of cake. You want to do whatever you can to help make their golden years great, but there is only so much of YOU to go around, isn’t there? The elderly folks you love want to be independent and you want them to be happy, but meeting their needs and providing extra attention is a challenge with all the other demands on your time and energy. Then, on top of everything else, we all know they are vulnerable targets for con artists and scammers. The family of services offered by Keeping In Touch Solutions are designed specifically to solve some of the issues and challenges of aging that you are facing. Take a look at the following programs that can give you and your family members the relief and peace of mind you deserve.

Keeping In Touch Solutions

The absolutely best way to ensure your loved one is safe and well. Individual Care Callers make a personal daily check-in call to elderly or home-bound clients. Contingency plans for emergency situations are in place and medication reminders are available as well.

Protect the safety, well-being and health of your loved one, while also providing a friendly voice to share a little conversation.

Love My New Freedom

If you or someone you live is an active, independent person who lives alone, you are probably familiar with the concern that something could happen and no one would know. Instead of making an unwanted change in lifestyle, use Love My New Freedom. Set up a reliable routine that keeps everyone assured that all is well at home.

Senior Fraud Alert

Eliminate the concern that your aging loved one will fall victim to frauds, scams and con artists. Senior Fraud Alert implements a plan and protocol that turns the tables on con artists and protects individual seniors and their finances.

Complimentary Consultation

Let’s schedule a 15-minute conversation during which we can answer all your questions and help you develop a plan that best suits your needs.

Don’t wait too long and allow worry and stress to negatively impact your family, health and personal well-being.

Let Keeping In Touch Solutions help.