Keeping In Touch Solutions Story Roy, Age 71I never have been much of a talker. My wife, Rosie, was a little magpie. All five of our daughters inherited their mother’s gift for gab.

As the only guy in the house, I never got a chance to even finish a sentence. Like they all do, our girls grew up and moved out on their own.

But two or three of them often called their mother every day to dive into lengthy conversations that never seemed to end.That was all right with me. I didn’t have any interest in make-up and hairstyles or sharing recipes.

When I retired a few years ago, I started spending afternoons at the VFW, playing cards with some buddies. After that social time, I went home to hold the couch down. After supper, I had the TV remote in my hand while Rosie gabbed on the phone.

Three years ago, nerve damage from diabetes got so bad in my feet that I couldn’t walk very far or stand for very long, either. It didn’t take long for my world to shrink so much that it revolved only around my chatty Rosie and my big-screen TV.

More often than not, Rosie started leaving the phone conversations in order to talk more with me. She tried to teach me about surfing the Internet, too. Sometimes she even asked me to tell her some stories about my time as a Marine in Vietnam. But I always shook my head and told her that wasn’t a conversation that she and I would ever have.

Two years ago, my Rosie passed away. And the house was suddenly so quiet that I kept the TV on extra loud, all the time, just so I didn’t have to hear the silence. Through Keeping In Touch Solutions, I now have a good friend. Her husband was a veteran like me. And I look forward to her daily phone calls.

Now that I am pretty much a shut-in, my new friend from Keeping In Touch Solutions is sometimes the only person I talk to all day long. But she’s become a good friend to me. And the house doesn’t feel as empty and quiet anymore, either.

~ Roy, Age 71