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Lack of Personal Hygiene Can Signal Mom Needs Help

Does mom refuse to buy new clothes and insist on wearing stained, torn and well-worn clothing? Or, does she wear the same clothes for two, three or more days in a row? Changes in personal hygiene can be one of the warning signs that mom needs more help in her daily life.

Older family members may refuse to buy new clothing or wear the same clothes for several days for a variety of reasons. However, there are some solutions.

  1. Depression.  If mom no longer takes an interest in her personal hygiene, depression could be a not-so-obvious factor. Schedule an appointment for her with a doctor to determine if depression is the cause – especially if you notice other signs of depression like low energy and uninterested behavior. Gently encourage mom to take an interest in having a more attractive appearance, because it can help decrease depression and give her a new outlook on life.
  1. Decreased sense of sight and smell.  Your mother’s senses may not be as acute as they once were, so she may not notice odors or stains. Be honest with your mom and tell her that she can only wear clothes for two days before they must be washed. Set up a calendar with her so she can keep track of her clothes-wearing habits and when laundry must be done.

Another issue may be your mom has vision problems making colors more difficult to see. Mom may get frustrated because she doesn’t know which top goes with what pants. Therefore, she sticks with the clothes she does know. One solution could be to limit the color palette of mom’s wardrobe, so it’s easier for her to mix and match outfits.

  1. Memory impairment. Mom may simply be losing track of time. She may not be able to distinguish when a day begins and when it ends. Therefore, she doesn’t realize how many days it’s been since she changed her clothes. If memory impairment is the issue, when she goes to bed each night have her mark the day off of the calendar. After two days have passed of wearing the same clothes, they must be washed.

Another solution to memory impairment issues is to limit your mother’s clothing choices. Instead of having 20 outfits in her closet which may be overwhelming to her. Pare her wardrobe selections down. You may even want to set out clothes each week with a note on each outfit that indicates what day she should wear them.

KITS-Cover-3D-Widget-7-Signs-Opt-In-GiftJust like declining personal hygiene can signal that your mother needs help, there are 6 other warning signs you may want to watch for. I’ve written about them in my special report 7 Danger Signs Your Aging Loved One May Need Help NOW! I have been told that knowing what to watch for provides a sense of security for those of us caught in the sandwich generation.

At Keeping In Touch Solutions (KITS), we know it can be frustrating when mom wants to wear the same thing all the time. That’s why we offer services to help you help mom take care of herself and stay in the home she loves where she’ll be happier. If you have questions and concerns about your aging loved ones, we are always happy to talk with you in a no-obligation, free complimentary consultation.

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