Life, Liberty and Your Independence

caregiver support for aging parents

July 4th is a huge day for celebration as we honor and celebrate our nations birthday.
During this day of 1,440 minutes please take time to honor and celebrate those heroes of the military.

To those men and women that have given of their time, their talents and some, their lives so that we could retain the freedoms and life we have here in the United States of America this Independence Day…we say thank you.

So when you see a veteran would you shake their hand and let them know how much you appreciate their service? Hand them a flag, a hug and a smile!

Many of our veterans, caregivers of veterans and their families face challenges and sleepless nights. Some have more problems than we can imagine. Many of these issues are related to healthcare and finances.

Both Dad and Uncle John in Iowa and Charlene in Ohio are facing many of the same challenges of where to get the services and information they need.

Take a look at John, a retiree and veteran who had a successful business and enjoyed living independently with his wife until he fell last summer. Since the fall, his mobility has been limited. He needs assistance in many areas of his life including coping with depression.

How can he get the help he needs while remaining in his own home or should they consider moving him into assisted living?

His independent and self-sufficient mindset is making things worse for his family.

So what

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