Love My New Freedom

I’m not aging . . . I’m evolving!

Love My New Freedom

Because living on your own and on your own terms makes you happy.

You live alone. What if something happened and no one knew but your cat?

Does that keep you awake at night, worrying??

Then, on top of that and all the usual worries like health and finances, all of a sudden your family is right there telling you what they think you should do. 

Your energy levels and physical capabilities may have diminished some, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of yourself and make your own decisions. You stay active and busy and want to remain independent. 

You don’t want to give up your home, the friends in your area, and everything that makes your life familiar and comfortable. You also don’t want them to worry your family when they can’t immediately reach you.

You live with issues that you haven’t had to think about before:

  1. It isn’t easy living alone 24/7: It would be easy to just sit at home and do nothing now that you are on your own, but being active and involved in your community makes you happy. Getting up and out is how you make life enjoyable so it’s worth the effort.
  2. You don’t want to be responsible for making your children miserable: You know that they worry about your safety and security. But you also know that part of their worry is because they have responsibilities like jobs and families. You realize that the reason they pressure you for changes are to ease their concerns.
  3. You are aware of your changing limitations: You know that your physical capabilities are changing and living alone means you are responsible for taking care of everything. You are learning to ask for help – when you need it – but not before you need it.

And you want your family to support you and feel good about your independence.

Is that possible?

Yes! There is a simple answer for people who want to stay independent and Feel Confident and Secure

Love My New Freedom is the Perfect Solution

for those who want to stay active and live life to its fullest. 

The Love My New Freedom program is designed for busy, independent Boomers and beyond. It is so simple. You simply call in once each day. It’s quick, easy, and give you that feeling of security you need. For pennies a day you can have the security of knowing Love My New Freedom is looking out for your well-being …

You want to be independent and maintain CONTROL over your life.

You are active with friends and a calendar full of what you want to do. You understand that your family worries about you living alone, but you don’t need them to make decisions about your life and what you do.


You want to be independent and  STAY IN YOUR HOME for as long as you can.

You know that as you get older, you might need some help. But you don’t feel you need it right now and you want to stay right where you are for the time being. 


You want to be independent and still feel SECURE and CONFIDENT.

?You know that living alone means that no one knows when an emergency arises and that worries you. You want a solution that allows you to maintain your independence but also lets you go about your days feeling confident.