Parents Didn’t Plan – How Do YouDeal With It?

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I’m curious- how would you respond to this situation? Is this something you can talk about with your siblings or mom or dad? Please post in the comments and share your thoughts or concerns!


Money, money, money. Parents did no planning – how do you deal with it?

Sorry all, just venting because I am just so angry. My parents were irresponsible in saving for retirement and ended up with SSI as their only means of income. My mother passed last month and now one SSI check is gone. The thing is they could have had a sound retirement as my father made a very good salary but chose instead to spend it on cars, houses (moved a lot) and just really bad/short-sighted financial decisions. He told me he never thought his health would be bad and that he’d be working forever! My mother, when she was alive, said she never thought about the future. I found about their problems when they nearly went into foreclosure last year.

Now I have been trying to clean up the mess of credit card debt that will never be paid, managing my father’s limited finances, and trying to figure out his long-term plan for housing since he’s not NH ready/can’t afford AL. It’s overwhelming and made even more difficult because he’s taken such a casual attitude about it.

I know the horse has left the barn, so to speak, but I think I’m just flabbergasted that a man who was seemingly so smart made such stupid decisions and now I have to deal with it. Seriously, I am awake most nights with worry and feeling overwhelmed. And I admit a shameful thought that I do hope he doesn’t live for many years.

Anybody else in a similar situation and if so, how do you deal with it?

Thanks for the vent, all!


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