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Preventing Elderly Parents from Credit or Debit Card Scams


“The elderly have money and they are nice, they take time to talk to you on the phone…” Have you heard that statement before? They are also the ones that scam artists go for.

What if your aging parents live alone and their health is deteriorating? Or they may be suffering from Alzheimers and no one knows about it. Their mindset and way of thinking may have already changed…now what?

Now they are not only being challenged with health and memory issues, but the calls from scam artists or strangers that show up at their door… asking for donations or about claiming their free trips….

Can anything be done as caregiver to help your aging parents or do we just hope and pray for the best?

Register your aging parents’ phone number on the National Do Not Call registry. Call 888-382-1222 or register at their website at Once they are registered, telemarketers are not allowed to call their number.

Check with your aging parents’ physician if they have any warning signs of Alzheimer. You can also find out if they quickly forget, are confused about time and places, find solving problems challenging, poor judgment, misplacing things, changing moods or personality.

Get help from We are here to help care for your aging parents. Loneliness may cause our seniors to be extra friendly when strangers call on the phone or at their door.

Keeping In Touch Solutions was created to make that call on your behalf everyday to check in and to be sure everything is going ok. For many of the homebound, this is the only call they will receive all day.

Get involved with their finances like credit card and debit card monthly statements. They need someone to keep track of the transactions and report fraud as soon as possible.

Don’t make any purchases over the phone unless they initiated the call. Put a note near the phone with a reminder not to give out any personal information over the phone when someone calls.

Don’t use services rendered by someone who knocks on the door. Strangers like a lawn guy or tree cutter may knock on their door offering help. Remind your aging parents to contact someone they know about the services before getting the services. To be safe, our elderly parents need to say ‘no’ to strangers at the door.

Visit them regularly. Someone needs to check on our elderly parents frequently. If you live far away, get help from a local agency to check on your aging parents. If hiring a local help is impossible, please let us know. We can be their lifeline to the outside world and a go-to person for you just in case you can’t reach your aging parents immediately.

Many caregivers are finding it hard to even keep up with their own work and family. Sometimes the thought of not spending enough time with aging parents makes them feel guilty. Let’s check our mindset about caring for aging parents. A healthy mindset = no guilt and unloaded burden.

Keeping In Touch Solutions can help unload your burden with as little as $49.94 per month. You decide on the level of service that best suits your needs.

Here are the two levels:
Silver members pay $ 49.94 per month. Gold membership is $99.99 per month.
You may pay with Master, Visa, or American Express charge. Any promotions will be addressed at the time of application when your credit card will be charged for month one and two. 55 days after you enroll, your credit card will be charged for the coming month.

A daily check-in call could be the lifeline, the joy you give someone that makes the biggest difference in their perception of what old age is like.

Contact me at 317-480-1038 today. Let’s make a difference together.

diana beam

I’m Diana Beam, Founder of Keeping in Touch Solutions. It is my heartfelt desire for every person to live a happy and healthy life in the place they call home, no matter what their age. You can’t put a price on peace of mind for your parents and yourself. It’s priceless . . . and significant.

For that reason, the goal of every Keeping In Touch Solutions program is to provide a caring connection and service that both the elderly and their caregivers can rely on to make living that good life easier.



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