Privacy Statement

Keeping In touch Services. Com, Keeping in Touch Solutions. com and its parent company are keenly aware of the trust you place with us. We are here to provide you with information and education about the products and services provided by Keeping In Touch Services and parent company.

We are committed to your privacy. Patient/Client privacy polices prohibit sharing, selling and/or renting personal information and data about any member or client.


When you enroll in KITS personal and medical confidential information is needed. This confidential information is maintained on a secure, private and separate data base for medical and private client information. We take the appropriate steps to protect against unauthorized persons to alter, access, disclose or destruction of data, storage, processing practices, or security measures.

Access to this information is limited to KITS authorized management team; officers and department supervisors who are bound by confidentiality, obligations, subjected to disciplinary actions- which may include termination and prosecution.