What if we could eliminate
the worry and guilt of
living far away from your parents?

Or knew your Grandma was safe, even when your schedule was so jammed full
you couldn't call?

What if making sure your Mom is safe could be as simple as 
clicking a button?

Now it is! Watch now
to hear how.

Hello Overwhelmed Daughter

As a daughter and mom, and former health care administrator, I know first hand how hard it is to keep up with everything on our busy to-do list. And yet we always want to be sure our Loved Ones are safe, secure and comfortable in the place they call home.

We do care. We do love them, with all our hearts.

And yet.

 With so many different duties and responsibilities pulling us from a hundred directions, a seemingly small thing, like making a simple phone call, is overwhelming. We find out Mom hasn't been taking her medicine regularly or may have trouble even getting to the phone. 

Or we find out Dad ?is feeling isolated and doesn't get out of the house for a bit of simple human conversation. He longs for the gentle sound of another voice. The TV just isn't cutting it 24/7.

Or our precious Grandma, who ?was always there to share her wisdom and loving hugs, wonders if she is loved or wanted and sits by the window, depressed and falling ever deeper into despair, with nothing to look forward to or anyone to share her thoughts with.

Then the worry and guilt creeps in!?

It doesn't have to be that way!?

You don't have to squeeze one more thing into an overcrowded day, skip sleep or ignore what you need to keep handling.

?Keeping In Touch Solutions was founded to take over those daily calls to your Loved One and be there when you can't be. 

Whether it's because you live across the country, or are juggling family, a job and a partner (or just plain need a day at the spa before you collapse), we make that call for you every day. We can call every day to ...

  • Say "Hi, how is your day?"
  • "Hey there Ruth, did you take your medication this morning?"
  • "Did you get a chance take a walk outside yesterday?"
  • Or simply say "Hi, how's your day going and thought you might like this passage from the book I just read."

Founder, Keeping In Touch Solutions

My only living relative is a niece living miles away in Oregon. She has a busy life so I usually just talk to her around the holidays.

I really enjoy having the friendly folks from Keeping In Touch Solutions call me every day. It is the best gift I could ever give myself.

Mildred, 86
Retired Schoolteacher

I no longer feel like I'm all alone, which makes me feel safe and secure. I look forward to their call every day. It is just like talking to an old friend. It makes you feel good and provides a sense of relief.

Phyllis, 78
Retired Realtor

What happens if you don't reach them when we call?

We built in a plan just in case that happens!


If we don't reach your Loved One on the first call, we call back a second time within
30 minutes.


If we don't reach your Loved One on the second call, we immediately contact your first Emergency Contact.


If we don't reach your first Emergency Contact immediately, we call your second Emergency Contact.


If we don't reach either of your Emergency Contacts and, if authorized by you, we immediately contact contact the emergency response team for your Loved One's area. 

With no family of my own left, your call helps me have contact with the outside world. God Bless You!

Robert, 82 
Retired Merchant

How to get started

  1. Select the ?best time for the daily call
  2. Choose the best service level for your Loved One
  3. Gather personal information
  4. Gather the information for two Emergency Contacts
  5. Create a Medication Reminders Script for our Care Callers if you have specific medication instructions
  6. Call us at 317.480.1038 or click the I'm Ready, Sign Me Up Button for your chosen Service Level 

Personal information you need

In addition to your credit card details, make sure you have the following information handy when you sign up for Keeping In Touch Solutions calls. This helps us get started making the calls as quickly as possible.

Loved One's Information

  • Name
  • Complete address (street address, apt. #, city, state, zip)
  • Date of birth
  • Driving status (are they still driving)
  • Any disabilities (such as hearing problems devices, or physical challenges)
  • Any special equipment (e.g., walkers, canes, breathing equipment)
  • Best time of day to call
  • Medication script for if you want us to provide medication reminders

Two Emergency Contacts

  • Name
  • Complete address (street address, apt. #, city, state, zip)
  • Telephone (Home and Cell)
  • Relationship to your Loved One
  • Distance from your Loved One
  • Whether emergency contacts have a key/access to your Loved One's home

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KITS Silver

  • Daily Check-in Call
  • Emergency Home Check
  • Recorded Calls
  • Care Callers who speak American English
  • Daily Medication Reminder
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Contact local Emergency Services


KITS Platinum

  • Daily AM Check-in Call
  • Daily PM Check-in Call
  • Emergency Home Check
  • Recorded Calls
  • Care Callers who speak American English
  • Daily Medication Reminder
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Daily Email Summary
  • Contact local Emergency Services
  • "First to Know" Alert
  • Archived Calls Available
    (for an Additional Fee)

Our Care Callers contact you within 36 hours to welcome you and verify your information.

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From our recipients...

Your calls make me feel safe and cared about.

Ralph, 94
Retired Farmer

Your cheerful call every day says everything is OK and someone knows I'm OK and where I am.

Janie, 59
Homebound Homemaker

I look forward to your call and thank you for not calling during Wheel of Fortune.

Russel, 87
Retired Engineer

From our daughters...

I am so grateful to have this service. When your Care Caller contacted me to say she had not been able to reach my mother, I panicked. I called the out-of-state retirement community where she lives and asked security to check on her. They called a few minutes later to tell me they found her happily watching her favorite TV program