Senior Scam That Can Cost You and Your Family

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It is distasteful but it happens all the time. Seniors being scammed. With the holiday season just around the corner, scammers are becoming more creative in the plot to scam seniors.

Imagine a lonely senior who sought out companionship online or offline only to lose money and get hurt because of a dating scam. Or a call about a free or highly discounted travel or cruise package which in fact was just a normal package with unnecessary additions like a $39 drink package per day for soda, house wine and beer. How much beer, house wine or soda could a senior drink per day?

Senior scams are a serious issue. If not addressed it may lead to financial loss and emotional pain.

Here are four areas to be aware of before it is too late:

One: Medical

With the high cost of prescription and over the counter medication, seniors are finding it hard to pay for their medical needs. A special discount or offer card always seems enticing. What more if it sounds like one from the government like a Medicare drug discount card? Not all of them are legitimate. Check the sources and do your research before buying into one.

Medicare has a list of approved companies that they use. You can check online or call Medicare at 800-MEDICARE. Medicare approved companies are not allowed to sell their products door-to-door or take a sale transaction over the telephone.

Two: Leisure and Travel

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