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Senior Travel Tips: Five Questions You Should Ask Before Booking a Group Tour

Senior Travel Tips: Five Questions You Should Ask Before Booking a Group Tour

Do you often see yourself in paradise, lying in a hammock with a soft colorful towel as your pillow? The sea breeze blowing towards you as your feet touch the warm white sandy beach? Meanwhile, a friendly waiter is serving your favorite drinks right where you are lying as you dream about your next meal by the poolside. Maybe you prefer going from one historical site to another walking for miles looking at exhibits after exhibits with a group of new traveling companions.

There are many ways to see the world as it’s meant to be seen. You could travel independently or go on a group tour. Everybody’s perfect vacation and travel destinations are different. Your best vacation depends on your preference. Whether it is the quietness of a beachfront property by yourself or a walk around the bustling big city of New York with a group. Here are five questions to ask before you make your next travel reservation:

One: Planning
Are you the type who will scout the Internet looking for suggestions of places to visit? You love research and looking for the best deals, best hotels, places to see, things to do, great restaurants to eat and flights or car rentals available. If you hate planning and do not know how to get around finding the best for your vacation, then booking your own independent tour is not for you. A group tour or cruise may be the best option.

Two: Schedule
Do you like flexibility? You like to make your own schedule for meals, sightseeing tours and having fun. You can’t stand being rushed from one place to another or you absolutely have no patience waiting for someone else to return to the bus? If so, group tours are not for you. You are better off with an independent tour arranged by you or a travel agent.

Three: Budget
What is your budget? Group tours are normally cheaper than independent tours. Independent tours are tailor made just for you and your companions. It requires individualized attention. If you have a small budget, group tours will be more suitable for you.

Four: Pack it in
Do you prefer to pack in as many destinations as possible in a tour or you prefer a leisure ride with more time in each place? Most group tours offer more destinations to vacationers. They have shorter time to spend on each location and in most cases they have made arrangements with local agencies that allow them to cut through the line. This saves time from waiting but less time in each place because they have to follow the plan to please everybody. They need to rush to the next destination. If you prefer to stay longer in one place, an independent tour will be best suited for you.

Five: Social and comfort
Do you like to meet new people and have everything taken care of? If you do, group tours are perfect for you. You get to meet new people and your group leader will take care of every travel detail for you including your luggage.

These are five questions you could ask yourself before venturing into your next vacation. Cruises are the best for seniors because of two main reasons. One is you have the same accommodation throughout your trip and second, you have everything pre-arranged for you. All you need to do is relax and let it sail.

Take time to travel to places of your dreams and discover a new passion for life and wellness.

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