Senior Fraud Alert Services

It could be YOUR parents who are the next victims to lose their life savings …

Watch the following video from Keeping In Touch Solutions about some of the scams targeting seniors today

Concerned About an Aging Loved One Becoming a Victim of:

  • Identity theft
  • Phone solicitation fraud
  • Home improvement scams
  • Home invasion
  • Postal theft
  • Personal safety


Every day our loved ones are “TARGETED” by the “fraudsters” and bad guys who prey on our loved ones! The statistics are alarming.

  • Older Americans lose $36.5 billion each year to financial scams and abuse. (CNBC)
  • Fraudulent telemarketing techniques have victimized 26 percent of the entire U.S. adult population at some point in their lives. (AARP)
  • 25 million Americans are victims of consumer fraud each year. (FTC)
  • even though seniors only represent 12% of the population, they represent 30% of the scam victims (U.S. Subcommittee on Health and Long Term Care)

People who grew up in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s were generally raised to be polite and trusting. Con artists exploit these traits, knowing that it is difficult or impossible for these individuals to say