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Indiana Originals Interviews Diana Beam

On Sunday, December 2, 2018, Mel McMahon and Terri Stacy spoke with Diana Beam of Keeping In Touch Solutions about how they can help you stay in touch with your elderly loved ones, the fight against loneliness, and some gift ideas for your loved ones!

Recorded with Terri Stacy, First Day | Broadcasted by 93.1 WIBC | Imaging by Steve O

Well-being for Aging Seniors

Hydration Tips for Seniors

For many, the long-awaited summer months bring to mind family picnics, cool drinks on the porch, and lazy afternoons at the beach. But, as temperatures soar, warm weather activities can increase the risk for another staple of summer: dehydration. Not getting enough fluids, especially when it is hot outside, can pose serious health problems for anyone, but older adults are at particular risk for dehydration.

Why Seniors Are at Risk

There are a few reasons why older adults are more susceptible to fluid and electrolyte imbalances. With age, our body

Aging Parent Issues Caregiver Support Well-being for Aging Seniors

Traditions and Memories are the Treasures of the Holidays

14982591498259Some of us can name the traditions our families have for the holidays. Some people can

Aging Parent Issues Caregiver Support Well-being for Aging Seniors

How to Make the Holidays Happy for Your Aging Mom

Are you one of those people who love everything about the holidays? You know, all the shopping, the baking, the gatherings and the extra hustle bustle? Is that how Mom was when you were growing up? Did Dad love to prepare the fireplace and have garland around the front door?

Just because they have gotten older doesn

Aging Parent Issues Caregiver Support Crisis Prevention and Seniors Distant Caregiving Exercise and Activity for Aging Seniors and the Elderly

Will Your Aging Loved One Be the Next One to Fall?

It is not unusual for a new Keeping In Touch Solutions subscriber to be the victim of a recent fall. All of a sudden they get sidelined from a broken bone and their families get more concerned that they are safe at home. So a daily check-in from a Care Caller is the answer to put everyone

Aging Parent Issues Caregiver Support Distant Caregiving Senior Independence Talking with Aging Parents

What Will Show Them I Can Take Care of Myself?

There is one argument we hear during so many calls we get at Keeping In Touch Solutions. Mom says she can take care of herself and her daughter thinks she needs help. Each side has their heels dug in and it’s creating tension between them on top of the stress of aging.

We offer a special report that will give daughters (and sons) information about the telltale signs that signal Mom needs a hand. This report has been a real eye-opener for many folks in the sandwich generation.

But now, we want to talk to Mom. When your kids see you aren’t able to do everything you used to do, it can be unnerving to them. You might have been the Super-Mom while they were growing up and it’s hard for them to believe that you can’t leap tall buildings and burn the midnight oil you used to.

There are things you can do to show them that you are still able to take care of yourself. Just like you probably told them as they grew up, actions speak louder than words.

Watch this video. It’s meant to remind you of those things you told your kids were important for them to show they were able to take care of themselves.

Just remember that Keeping In Touch Solutions is here for you and your family as you start to transition into a new chapter of life – for both of you.

A daily check-in call could be the lifeline, the joy you give someone that makes the biggest difference in their perception of what old age is like.

Contact me at 317-480-1038 today. Let

Aging Parent Issues Caregiver Support Distant Caregiving Talking with Aging Parents

How to Treat the Aging Women in Your Family

Have you ever had one of those periods when events came together in just the right way to give you real insight? Well, if you haven