How to Treat the Aging Women in Your Family

Have you ever had one of those periods when events came together in just the right way to give you real insight? Well, if you haven

Are You Waiting for a Tragedy to Happen to Your Elderly Parents?

It happens every day, you know. But when I hear about it happening to friends or friends of friends, it makes me so sad. It

Home for the Holidays

Many families, especially those living miles away, may be in for a big surprise this year when they go home for the holidays.?You may have the feeling that things are changing right before your eyes. You now that there are are unspoken issues to be addressed but maybe you canA daily check-in call could be… Continue reading Home for the Holidays

5 Tips to Make Long Distance Caregiving Easier

Living far away from Mom or Dad or Grandma and Grandpa was great in your younger years. It was fun to go spend time with them and go do all sorts of things in their home town. But now that they are getting older, you worry about being so far away. What if something happens… Continue reading 5 Tips to Make Long Distance Caregiving Easier

4 Ways to Make Exercise Fun for Seniors

Okay, okay, okay. Every senior has heard (again and again and again) that they have to exercise. The experts suggest 150 minutes a week. Aerobic activity and muscle-strengthening activity are what is traditionally suggested for all adults. But the idea of going to the gym and working on machines and the treadmill doesn