Are You Waiting for a Tragedy to Happen to Your Elderly Parents?

It happens every day, you know. But when I hear about it happening to friends or friends of friends, it makes me so sad. It

What Exactly Is It For? What Are You Waiting For?

A lot of times when we look at a home that has been lived in for four decades, and see lots of clutter and possessions, we look at the wife, the female who leads the family. Because, after all, isn


I recently read a statistic that took me by surprise: While only 25% of the aging parents surveyed report that they are stressed because of their adult children, nearly twice as many adult children report being stressed because of their aging parents. Our kids are worried about us

The Talk About Paperwork for Grandma

  Grandmother Rita disappeared after an argument with family members. The Vermont Mass Live reported that the 71-year-old grandmother was last seen wearing floral-print shorts, a blue tank top and blue sandals. The report implied an argument about medical issues or maybe disorganized paperwork or unpaid bill issues, leading to grandma

Help, I Fell and Can

You are ready for a vacation of your dreams with your family. All of a sudden when you are about to leave, you receive that dreaded call.