5 Ways Medicare Theft Affects You Directly

How scam artists steal from you…   Practices such as phantom billing, which means charging Medicare for services not delivered, leaves money in the hands of fraudsters. Medicare fraudsters steal billions from the system and they can also have a direct impact on your wallet and medical records. Medical identity theft

Is That a Letter from Medicare?

The Illinois SMP at AgeOptions has received several reports from beneficiaries receiving letters that they believe are from Medicare. These letters say that it is important that you call soon to talk to a licensed insurance agent about the options available to you in 2019. These letters are not coming from Medicare but are coming… Continue reading Is That a Letter from Medicare?

Medicare and Your Aging Loved Ones

The Medicare maze seems to get more complicated by the day. The KITS team found this article by the AARP very helpful and wanted to pass it along as a resource for those of you who are searching for answers. There is also a very useful book called Medicare for Dummies that you may want… Continue reading Medicare and Your Aging Loved Ones