What do Aging Women Have to Look Forward To?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the number of older women outnumber older men at 25.1 million older women to 19.6 million older men. Most

Marketing to Boomers is Not What You Think

If you’ve ever stood in line behind a group of baby boomers at a variety of shops and malls, you may have been amazed at the number of phones that get scanned at the checkout for coupons. Baby boomers are mobile in a big way, and smart companies are reaching out to the baby boomer… Continue reading Marketing to Boomers is Not What You Think

Celebrate Your Dad

Sometimes it is difficult for us, as adult children, to switch roles occasionally with our aging parents. No wonder how awkward it might be, one of our most important jobs is to advocate for their needs.

How to Plan Ahead for the Conversations With Your Aging Parents

None of us grew up thinking that one day we might have to care for our aging parents. Along with our own sets of commitments and responsibilities, many of us (especially between the ages of 35-55) are seeing the need to give a helping hand to our aging parents or grandparents.