How to Treat the Aging Women in Your Family

Have you ever had one of those periods when events came together in just the right way to give you real insight? Well, if you haven


I recently read a statistic that took me by surprise: While only 25% of the aging parents surveyed report that they are stressed because of their adult children, nearly twice as many adult children report being stressed because of their aging parents. Our kids are worried about us

Distant Care-giving can Cause Sibling Issues

When a family is faced with caring for an aging loved one, it is not uncommon for the issues of money and inheritance to create tension among siblings. Disagreements are inevitable, but they do not have to mar relationships forever. It is important to acknowledge that families have problems and that everyone comes from a… Continue reading Distant Care-giving can Cause Sibling Issues

3 Tips For Helping a Parent Who May Not Want Help

Many adult children tread lightly when it comes to the health of an aging loved one, especially when it could threaten independence. And, sadly, it often takes an incident of some sort before families feel that

Help, I Fell and Can

You are ready for a vacation of your dreams with your family. All of a sudden when you are about to leave, you receive that dreaded call.