Is That a Letter from Medicare?

The Illinois SMP at AgeOptions has received several reports from beneficiaries receiving letters that they believe are from Medicare. These letters say that it is important that you call soon to talk to a licensed insurance agent about the options available to you in 2019. These letters are not coming from Medicare but are coming… Continue reading Is That a Letter from Medicare?

How to Protect Your Loved Ones from Senior Fraud

I got a call this week from a friend of mine, Sandy*, and she was really upset. Her mother, who is 84, got a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS. The caller told Sandy

Security Breaches Put Seniors at Risk!

Bad guy “Fraudsters” target your senior loved ones everyday. Identity theft is rampant! Add to this security breaches such as at Anthem and other financial/health care institutions put our elderly at even more risk of fraud and scams! Usually credit monitoring is made available at no cost to the victims of the breach! Credit monitoring… Continue reading Security Breaches Put Seniors at Risk!

Seniors and the Elderly are Targets for Swindlers

Last evening, my longtime friend, Beth, called to tell me about her elderly Aunt Mary. As the story unfolded, I quickly but sadly realized that Aunt Mary was another example of just how vulnerable seniors are against smooth-operating criminals.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for a senior dad who is retired is even more of a challenge than when he was working. At least then you could add to the closet full of shirts and ties or give him a day-of-the-week set of commuter mugs. Many dads go into retirement with few, if any, hobbies so… Continue reading Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Exploding Senior Population Means More Will be Target of Scams and Frauds

Unfortunately, the most vulnerable segment of American society to scams, frauds and cons are those people ages 65 and older. Since the last census taken in 2010, the trends reported say that age group is also one of the fastest growing segments of population in the United States. In fact, it is projected that the… Continue reading Exploding Senior Population Means More Will be Target of Scams and Frauds

Protect Against Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse is becoming more and more common. Check out this video from USA Today on the rapidly advancing problem then visit for our solution.   It may be time to click your heels together and shout,

Senior Scam That Can Cost You and Your Family

It is distasteful but it happens all the time. Seniors being scammed. With the holiday season just around the corner, scammers are becoming more creative in the plot to scam seniors.