How to Help a Senior Safely Manage Allergy Season

This article was shared on Unfortunately, some of the nicest weather and foliage during the year are accompanied by an onslaught of allergens. As pollen fills the air, people afflicted by seasonal allergies begin to groan. The 2018 National Health Interview Survey found that 19.2 million Americans over age 18 had been diagnosed with… Continue reading How to Help a Senior Safely Manage Allergy Season

Dementia Care Dos & Don

This article was originally posted on Mid-to-late stage dementia often presents a variety of challenging behavioral problems. This discussion of common symptoms may help prepare you to effectively support a person with dementia. What Patient Behavior Is Typical of Dementia? Anger, confusion, anxiety, and sadness are a few of the emotional symptoms a dementia… Continue reading Dementia Care Dos & Don

Can you boost your memory by walking backward?

One wearing jeans and brown suede shoes walking on opposite direction path representing think different, new idea, liberal, contrary, unique.

Article originally posted on Harvard Health Publishing/Harvard Medical School. A study shows that moving in reverse may help with short-term memory. Lost your car keys? Instead of retracing your steps, you might want to try walking backward to jog your memory. A study published in the January issue of Cognition found that people who walked… Continue reading Can you boost your memory by walking backward?

Massage Therapy for Senior Citizens

Massage therapy can offer senior citizens a number of benefits that will greatly improve their sense of health and wellbeing. As the population continues to age, it is important to consider ways that we can work to improve the lives of those affected by the passing of time. A number of studies have shown that… Continue reading Massage Therapy for Senior Citizens

Attention: Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

EVERY SEVEN minutes in the U.S., a woman will receive a gynecologic cancer diagnosis, totaling nearly 95,000 new cases and approximately 28,500 deaths each year. Since 1999, the not-for-profit Foundation for Women’s Cancer has designated September as a month to increase awareness of all gynecologic cancers and raise funds to support research in the field.… Continue reading Attention: Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

How do Aging Seniors Eat? Often it

Many aging seniors pick at the food on their plates and eat like birds. Many elderly people who live on their own enjoy a bowl of cereal or a few cookies and completely bypass a well-balanced meal. Here are some reasons why your loved one might have such unhealthy eating:

Senior Hunger and Malnutrition: True or False?

Senior Hunger and Malnutrition You heard and watched it on TV, skinny kids with huge tummies and without nutritional food outside the United States. Are you shocked to read about senior hunger and malnutrition in our country?