Complimentary Consultation

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You don’t have to carry the burden of protecting your aging loved ones alone.

At Keeping In Touch Solutions our mission is simple: to help loved ones stay independent, safe, secure and living in the place they call home and provide peace of mind for the people who care for and about them.

Need a helping hand with “aging parent” concerns? Unfortunately, there are no handbook guides or “How To” manuals when it comes to aging or how to be the child of an aging parent.

If you are baffled about what you should do next to help Mom or Dad and you don’t even know the options then you’re at the right place.

Or maybe you are just looking for some ideas to make life easier and safer for Mom and Dad as they grow old in the place they call home.

It’s so easy. We offer a 20-minute clarity call (at no cost) to help you figure out the best options available for you and your family.

We’ll email you a few simple questions about your situation before we talk so we’re all on the same page. You pick the day and time. No pressure. No heavy handed sales pitch. Just conversation about solutions.

Click below and choose one of the remaining appointments on a day and time that is most convenient for you.

Take a breath, because after this complimentary consultation you will find solutions that will make a real, positive and effective difference for you and the ones you love.