What we do at Keeping In Touch Solutions is personal – for you – and for us. That’s why hearing from our clients and their family means a great deal to us.

Here are some of the messages we have received.

Robert, 82Retired Merchant

With no family of my own left, your call helps me have contact with the outside world. God Bless You!

When I'm busy. I love that I can just call in to I Love My New Freedom. It's a really short call but I know that someone out there knows I'm OK.

Rose, 71 Former Healthcare Administator
Senior Fraud Alert Story Marjorie, Age 83

Honest people of my generation, especially women like me, will tell you that we were definitely not raised to be assertive.

Whether we like to admit it or not, females in my generation tend to be rather passive ... continue reading what Marjorie has to say.

Ralph, 94Retired Farmer

Your calls make me feel safe and cared about.

I didn’t realize how many phone calls I was getting from people wanting me to donate to supposed charities. I gave a lot of money and my bank information away before. Now that I have Senior Fraud Alert I think maybe I had been conned before. No more! Thank you for helping me out.

Ruth, 78 Retired Nurse

Distant caregiving is
​like walking a tightrope.

Taking care of your elderly parents can be like walking a tight rope.

You hope you don't have to choose between your job and your MOM. Juggling responsibilities between your career, your family, and your home life can be tough. Especially when you are responsible for the care of an aging parent living miles away.

You can't be there in person to sift through all the calls and false alarms. You are often having to take time off work, using valuable family vacation time, to go and get them taken care of.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a first step to filter the situation?

Keeping In Touch Solutions provides such a filter by making a personal call to check in with your elderly parent every day and do a medication reminder.

If we can’t reach your loved one after three tries, we call the emergency contact you provide to drop by and check in on your loved one. We can even send you a daily email to let you know how they are doing so you don’t worry.

Keeping In Touch Solutions helps people just like you make sure their aging loved ones are safe, secure and maintain the independence they need to stay in the place they call home.

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My mom was so excited that she had contributed to a special cause in town and when I found out that it didn't exist, I was furious. It made me see how easy it would be for her to be victimized. That's why I got her subscribed to Senior Fraud Alert. Now I'm not worrying - and neither is she! Thanks.

It’s so good to hear my mom tell me about what “Mary” said. At first I was like, “Who’s Mary?” Then she told me it was the Care Caller from Keeping In Touch Solutions. Mary is more than a daily check-in for my mom. She’s a friend. And I am so thankful for that. Because she has someone to share with, it’s changed her outlook and desire to do things.

JoAnn, 58 Daughter
Russell, 87Retired Engineer

I look forward to your call and thank you for not calling during Wheel of Fortune.

Your cheerful call every day says everything is OK and someone knows I'm OK and where I am.

Janie, 69 Widowed Homemaker

Keeping In Touch Solutions Story Roy, Age 71

I never have been much of a talker. My wife, Rosie, was a little magpie. All five of our daughters inherited their mother’s gift for gab.

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Jean, 74Retired Homemaker

I was afraid something would happen to me and only “Fluff” (my cat) would know. My only living relative is a niece living miles away in Oregon. She has a busy life so I usually just talk to her around the holidays.

I really enjoy having the friendly folks from Keeping In Touch Solutions call me every day. It is the best gift I could ever give myself. I no longer feel like I'm all alone which makes me feel safe and secure. I look forward to their call every day, It is just like talking to an old friend. It makes you feel good and provides a sense of relief.

If you live alone or know of someone living alone who might benefit from these services, just give us a call at 317.480.1038 or email us.

I am so grateful to have this service. When your Care Caller contacted me to say she had not been able to reach my mother, I panicked. I called the out-of-state retirement community where she lives and asked security to check on her. They called a few minutes later to tell me they found her happily watching her favorite TV program—completely unaware she had knocked the phone off the hook. Thank you again!

Barbara, 58 Daughter, 250 miles from her mom
Cindy, 76Widow,

At first I thought my daughter was wasting her money with the daily call from Keeping In Touch Solutions. Then I had surgery and couldn’t get out. I was really lonely and didn’t feel like going anywhere. I got a little blue, but my Care Caller made me laugh and made me feel like it would be okay. Now every time I talk to my daughter, I tell her how much I appreciate the daily call and boy, do I ever look forward to it!

My son says I’m not as crabby as I used to be. I tell him it’s because I have a friend who calls every day and we laugh. Thank you for that.

Larry, 74 Retired Tool &
Die Maker

Keeping In Touch Solutions Story Lois, Age 69

For 50 years, I was lucky enough to live next door to Mary, my very best friend in the world. As young mothers, we enjoyed chatting while our children played together in the backyard.

We bowled on the ... continue reading Lois' story. 

Suzanne, 76Still married to a kind-hearted (but smarter) guy

My husband, Jerry, would give away the store to all these people calling us. But once I got him going with the Senior Fraud Alert program, I don’t have to worry about it. In fact, he started saying, “Another one bites the dust!” every time he hangs up after one of those calls. It’s kinda funny, but I’m really glad about it.

I worry that I can’t always give my frail elderly grandma the time and attention she needs. My aging dad lives alone as well and he isn’t as tuned into grandma as he should be. I love my job but the work load is constantly increasing.

It's all I can do to keep up! Juggling projects at work, soccer, dance recitals, and getting dinner on the table is a real challenge. I have to give up family time to call my dad and grandma. I’m often too tired and I run out of time to call in the evening.

Grandma had started calling my office several times a day to chat, which was affecting my productivity at work greatly. I told a friend of mine about the situation I was in and how bad I felt for not always being able to be there for my father and grandmother.

Apparently, she had been in a similar situation and told me about Keeping In Touch Solutions. I have been using them ever since and what a help they have been! I can rest so much easier now knowing both my grandmother and father are being looked after and are safe.

Sheila, 49 Daughter, Slab of Ham of the Sandwich Generation