The Grandparent Scam


Each year over 10,000 grandparents fall for this scam that tugs on the hearts of grandparents and the love they have for their grandchildren. This scam is often called the “Spring Break Scam” when thousands of kids flock to the beaches down south.

The “Scammer” will call and say something like, “Hi Grandma, do you know who this is?” Then, Grandma will name the grandchild she thinks is calling, giving the “scammer” their fake identity. Scammers have also been known to pose as a friend of a grandchild. They will fabricate a story that the grandchild is in jail or in the hospital and needs money to help with bail or bills.

The “Scammer” will ask that money be wired through Western Union or MoneyGram, where identification is not required to obtain the cash.

Commonly, the “scammer” will plead to the grandparent to “not tell their parents” in fear of getting in trouble.

While the sums from such a scam are likely to be in the hundreds, the very fact that no research is needed makes this a scam that can be perpetrated over and over at very little cost to the scammer.

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