Watch for Clues Your Senior Loved Ones Might Need Help

caregiver support for aging parents
The pantry may be full, but is it edible food?

As you happily pack your luggage for a trip to visit your aging parents or grandparents, I would like you to think about this story:

A few years ago, everyone in our family knew that our grandfather or, as we called him, Papa, was in failing health. Dementia had set in. But he lived several states away from the relatives. He refused to relocate to live with one of us. No family members were in the position to move closer to Papa, so I accepted the task of visiting him every three months to check on his welfare.

On the second day of one of my visits, I opened the pantry, hoping to find coffee creamer. Instead I discovered more than 20 boxes of cereal. All of them were past the expiration date and all of them were infested with bugs. This was certainly a new behavior, which helped me see that Papa

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