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You Can’t Unscramble Scrambled Eggs…

You Can’t Unscramble Scrambled Eggs…

Even though we live in a technologically advanced country, no matter how hard we try…there is no way we can unscramble the scrambled eggs and make it whole again. Likewise, whatever happened in life, whatever is done…you can’t undo. However, you can let go and live in the present and move forward.

Whether you are the sandwiched generation, aging parents, grandparents or even young adults…we have things in our life we wish did not happen. Wouldn’t you agree it is hard to live with guilt or regrets?

How do we embrace the now…the present and move forward?

As we get older, the pile of regrets and ‘should haves’ multiplies and it is no wonder 6 million Americans above 65 years of age are suffering from depression. Depression is not caused by regrets alone; there are many factors that contribute to this disease in the elderly. Some of the causes may be loneliness, lost of a spouse and loved ones, the effects of medication, immobility, multiple illnesses, aches and pains, malnutrition, lack of social interactions, no purpose or just not challenged like before. All become magnified when we are socially isolated, live alone or perhaps housebound.


Here are 5 ways to help your aging parents or grandparents embrace the present:

Social gatherings and activities: Spend time encouraging and make plans for them to attend social gatherings and activities for seniors or for people of any age. Places to look for: local library, places of worship, senior centers and places to volunteer. I’ve seen the elderly taking time to serve in the soup kitchen and feel a sense of accomplishment. Play it forward, become a school grandparent or be a classroom tutor or teachers helper to offer one on one help to a struggling child.

Social Media: Pew Report wrote, people ages 50 and above using the internet has increased 88% between 2009 and 2010. Social media is a new way for grandma or grandpa to reach out. Grandma posts photos and looks at photos of family members across the country and can chat live with one of the grandchildren. This is a great way for seniors to stay in touch with old friends and chat with family members all day. Grandma just increased her social network using social media…sharing stories, giving responses and posting photos of grandchildren to her friends. Teach other Grandma’s how to post to social media and show them how to upload photos and sent to family.

Read and attend classes: Internet brings the possibilities of distant learning and online learning. Grandpa or grandma has all the options of taking classes without having to leave home. From book discussions to how to use social media…there are plenty to choose from. Reading and learning will help seniors to stay in the present, stimulate their mind, and give them a sense of purpose. It may be a way for them to meet new friends and start a hobby.

Good night’s sleep: Are the medications keeping grandma or grandpa awake at night? Lack of sleep will cause them to feel lethargic and increases stress. Check with their health professionals about their health and the medications prescribed. A little adjustment in combination of medication may help to reduce sleeplessness. A good night’s sleep will help grandma wake up happier.

Thought Pattern: According to WebMD cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective way to help a person’s thought pattern. Negative dysfunctional thinking affects a person’s mood, sense of self, behavior and physical state. So grandma may need professional help to identify her negative thought patterns and move to a road of better thought. Church friends, senior centers or speaking with social worker may be a starting point.

Start a conversation with your aging parents or grandparents and find out more about their thought patterns and lifestyle. Is there something that needs an immediate fix with easy solutions or do they need professional help? Keeping In Touch Solutions often provides the first step, a daily call from a concerned care caller lets them know how much they are valued and supported.

Let go of Yesterday….can’t unscramble or undo yesterday, worry, fretting and dwelling on the past only deepens the problems. So pray and keep moving and thinking forward.

Start the day with gratitude.

Please let us know how we can assist you in your care giving needs. Our clients tell us that they appreciate their daily check in call because it makes them feel safe, and secure knowing some one cares about them.

A daily check-in call could be the lifeline, the joy you give someone that makes the biggest difference in their perception of what old age is like.

Contact me at 317-480-1038 today. Let’s make a difference together.

diana beam

I’m Diana Beam, Founder of Keeping in Touch Solutions. It is my heartfelt desire for every person to live a happy and healthy life in the place they call home, no matter what their age. You can’t put a price on peace of mind for your parents and yourself. It’s priceless . . . and significant.

For that reason, the goal of every Keeping In Touch Solutions program is to provide a caring connection and service that both the elderly and their caregivers can rely on to make living that good life easier.



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